A new era in US-UK relations

In the heat of Brexit, the United Kingdom rolled out the red carpet for Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is a negotiator. That can be good for the UK.”said the then British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in 2016.

“We are already working on a trade agreement, and I think it will be a very important trade agreement.”, the then president of the United States, Donald Trump, pointed out in July 2019.

But now his successor takes the witness, who does not believe that there is anything to celebrate in Brexit.

Joe Biden and his co-religionists suffered hostility from Brexiters, under the presidency of Barack Obama. Boris Johnson went on to say that the president, with Kenyan origins, had an ancient dislike for the British Empire.

“Some of the slights towards the president I worked for, Barack Obama, will be remembered, because much of the staff now works for Joe Biden.”explains Brett Buen, a former diplomat in the Obama Administration.

Tadhg Enright, Euronews: But will that affect the way they work together?

“I think they will have a great working relationship. Joe Biden is a very nice guy. He gets along with just about everyone. I think the UK will have a tough time, regarding trade deals. It’s going to be almost impossible. __He will put the middle class at the center of his foreign policy, people from the so-called rust belt states. Biden will try to capture their support and that will not be with free trade agreements. “Good says.

Established interests have a lot to say in future trade deals. And perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to the UK will grow on its own land.

“Agriculture. It is a particular political problem for a conservative government due to its dependence on rural votes.”says Nigel Bowles, a political scientist at the University of Oxford.

Compromising food and agriculture standards will be a red line for London.

“We have seen the weight that small districts can have in the case of fishing. This effect will multiply several times”Bowles adds.

Trade aside, the enduring transatlantic alliance could become even more important.

“Now we are completely in a post-American era. There will be more crises, there will be more fighting. We are seeing the efforts of middle powers like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia.”Good explains.

“China presents serious and deep problems for any incoming US administration. Although the risk of war is reasonably low, it is not negligible.”Bowles notes.

“The UK can play an important role as a member of a federation of countries that looks a little different to the structure of old alliances, like NATO or the EU, but now how can we bring in countries that are solidly democratic? a set of principles and the UK’s role in that will be hugely important. “says Brett Buen, a former diplomat in the Obama Administration.

Johnson and Biden may not be the best of friends, but they are doomed to get along.