Conte calls for the reinforcement of the Senate to save the political crisis in Italy

Finishing stronger in the race and getting broad support in parliament is the goal of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. His speech in the Lower House on Monday sounded like a last-ditch attempt to win the trust of undecided lawmakers.

He appealed to liberal and pro-European senators, reminding everyone that the top priority now must be to tackle the pandemic. “All our energies should be focused on the urgent crisis facing the country, but doing so with the eyes of those who watch over us, the citizens. It seems that we are wasting our energies, as we are busy dealing with useless arguments. Those who are fighting against COVID-19 don’t even understand why we argue “, stressed the prime minister.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be hit by COVID-19. After having to deal with one of the worst crises the country has ever faced, many Italians are showing little patience with political struggles.

A resident of Italy points out: “It’s complete madness. In times like these the last thing we want is a political crisis. We have other priorities to attend to that keep us busy. They could have easily postponed all this chaos, that seems absurd to me.”

Another resident notes: “I think it’s a silly game between big egos. They are showing how narrow-minded they are in the way they deal with what has happened. The country is facing an unprecedented crisis. Every decision we make requires a lot of effort on our part. from all of us”.

The ruling coalition criticized Renzi’s decision to remove his ministers from the government. Conte is doing his best to avoid resignation, but the outcome of the vote is uncertain.

Lorenzo Castellani is a political analyst and highlights: _ “Conte could reach an absolute majority, in which case he could continue with the government without having to depend on Renzi’s party or not reach an absolute majority. In that case and as long as he can count on enough support to pass future reforms, the coalition can survive, but it is clear that it would be a weaker government. “

Since he started as a law professor, Prime Minister Conte has done a lot, becoming the head of government twice. But right now the stakes are much higher and the European Union is watching closely.

According to Lorenzo Castellani “The main risk in Italy is that the country will not be able to use the resources it has received from the EU, due to political struggles”

Obtaining most of the EU’s post-pandemic recovery fund is seen as the last chance to overcome Italy’s long-term crisis. The government is due to present its final plan to Brussels for approval in mid-April, the deadline is crucial with or without Giuseppe Conte.