C. Tangana: “At the composition and production level I am in the best moment of my career”

Experience is a degree, and it shows. That is the impression one gets when listening to C. Tangana, before Crema, and even before, Antón Alvarez (Madrid, July 16, 1990).

The singer speaks with Euronews in an interview in which each question is a look at the past and a reflection on his career. And it is that it has rained a lot and, from each sowing, the artist has made the best harvest. “I have always had ambition to go far with my music. That kind of flight forward ”, says C. Tangana, who is now presenting” El Madrileño “, a new album and perhaps, who knows, a new name.

Asked about a change in attitude on this new album, he replies that it looks “closer.” “I think that at the level of composition and production I’m in the best moment of my career,” he says. Little remains of the arrogant headlines of 2018 when he said that of “the king is me”, a statement that he put on all the covers of the newspapers and that served as an advertisement for the issue that he would soon release with that title (in the midst of the controversy over the trials of rappers after he proffered insults to the Royal House).

An album as “eclectic and schizophrenic” as his way of listening to music

“Usually the recognition comes when you put out the song and people listen to it. But for me at this stage recognition is coming long before”Explains the Madrilenian who assures that this time, he comes from figures such as Toquinho or La Húngara. Along with the first, he composed his new song, ‘Comerte entero’, a bossa nova sung in Spanish. Along with La Húngara, ‘Tú me dejaste de quiero’ is a daring but very well woven mix between rumba, flamenco and reggaeton.

And in that vein goes “El Madrileño”, an album in which C. Tangana goes beyond what “he was supposed to do” in an album as “eclectic and schizophrenic” as his way of listening to music, in which be able to include all the genres you listen to. Show yourself if it was possible to do all that in an album. They are the issues, he says, that he has taken the longest to get out of his career, but “it has been very worthwhile.”

A “little Spain” in Los Angeles where everything is born

In Los Angeles he joined Santos Bacana, “one of my great muses in recent years and companion and confidant and of everything”, confesses C. Tangana that, together with Bacana, who has directed the videos of several of his works, He has been involved in a project that tries to “think Spain from the international, or from the outside”.

In the next few years, he will dedicate himself to developing what he currently defines as “a creative agency and an audiovisual production company” that has been able to see in what some consider tacky and in bad taste, the highest expression of class and style.

The Madrilenian is clear: “What interests me is the avant-garde and originality.” And originality is what he has not lacked in the last 10 years.

Taking stock of this decade of successes, he recognizes that one of the most important things he has done is try to give a new vision of urban music in Spain, opening the space to other artists who come behind him. “My most important legacy is to have transformed that.”