India will immunize 300 million nationals before July with its unprecedented vaccination campaign

The world exceeds two million deaths from COVID-19 just over a year after registering the first case in Wuhan. And India, the second country with the most cases globally, has launched the largest vaccination campaign ever recorded.

The goal is to immunize 300,000 health workers in just the first day, and reach the month of July with 300 million vaccinated citizens. An unprecedented challenge for this country of 1.35 billion people, but the Indian authorities take up the challenge despite all kinds of limitations, such as difficult access to communities due to geographical issues and precarious facilities.

Although India experiences a deep decrease in reported daily cases, down from 20,000 in the last week compared to the peak of the pandemic in September with almost 100,000 daily infections, the country remains ahead of the United States – the first country in infections -, with 10.5 million infections and more than 150,000 deaths.

WHO asks to start vaccination campaigns as soon as possible

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that societies around the world “are not doing enough” in the fight against the pandemic, at a time when deaths and daily infections remain at levels maximums. In addition, concern about new variants of the virus and the lack of response are growing among their ranks.

“It is too easy to blame the variant and say” this was done by the virus. “But unfortunately because we did nothing, the virus did all this. And we have to be able to accept our individual and collective responsibility. As our governments The fault has been that this virus got out of control “, Michael Ryan, Director of the entity’s Emergency Program.

The WHO asks all countries to activate their vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 within a maximum period of 100 days.

The WHO scientific mission suffers delays due to two infections in its staff

For its part, the WHO scientific delegation that traveled to China suffers delays when registering two positives of COVID in the team. The Chinese government refused them entry and the others will serve two weeks of quarantine, confirmed the technical manager of the organization for the pandemic, Maria Van Kerkhove.

“They are passing the quarantine in Wuhan, and when they finish it they will be able to meet face to face with their Chinese colleagues,” said Van Kerkhove, who was cautious about recent reports that speak of a possible “patient zero” of COVID-19 identified in Italy in November 2019, before China reported its first cases.

The mission investigates the origin of the pandemic at a time when China is once again registering new cases.