Pfizer delays vaccine delivery in Europe to speed up its production process

Pfizer has warned of a delay “starting next week” in the delivery of your vaccines throughout Europe because you need to prepare to increase your production capacity.

The New York-based firm explained in a press release that “It is working hard to deliver more doses than initially planned for this year” and that you must modify the production process to increase your capacity, what “requires additional regulatory approvals.”

“Although this will temporarily impact shipments in late January and early February, it will provide a significant increase in lDoses available to patients at the end of February and March “, states the text of the pharmacist.

The pharmaceutical company confirmed this information after the Norwegian Ministry of Health issued a statement early on Friday in which it stated that the delivery of the vaccine, developed by Pfizer in collaboration with the German BioNTech, would be reduced from next week “and during a future period. “

Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, said: “I immediately called the CEO of Pfizer and he explained that there is a delay in production for the next few weeks, but he has assured me that all the guaranteed doses of the first trimester will be delivered in the first trimester. He is personally involved in reducing the lag period and to make sure they would catch up as soon as possible, it was very important to convey to him, the message that we urgently need guaranteed doses within the first trimester “.

Record of deaths in Portugal

Portugal is facing a severe third wave that has led it to order a new confinement starting today and which is expected to last for a month.

This Friday a new daily death record was reached, 159, in addition to 10,663 new infected, with hospitals at the limit because those admitted do not stop growing.

Since the pandemic began, Portugal has accumulated 528,469 infections and 8,543 deaths.

Record of infections in Spain

Spain has reached a record of infections, with 40,000 in the last 24 hours and cumulative incidence record with 575 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. According to these official figures, since the beginning of the health crisis, Spain has accumulated 2,252,164 infected with coronavirus and 53,314 deaths, with 235 more deaths in the last day. In these circumstances, most of the autonomous communities have chosen to extend the current restrictions or to toughen them, when exceeding the indicators of extreme risk level of the disease, established in 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Restrictions range from perimeter closures to curfews, through the closure of hotels and shops and the reduction of the number of participants in social gatherings, with different degrees of demand depending on the health situation of each region. Despite the fact that the situation has worsened throughout Spain, the health authorities consider that with the measures decreed in each territory, home confinement will not be necessary, despite the demands of some autonomous communities, health sectors and experts.

UK closes its travel corridors

In the UK they have discovered a new variant of Brazilian origin. The British have registered 1,280 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. The country will close all travel corridors to prevent new unidentified strains from arriving.

The rule is due to renewed fears among the scientific community of an allegedly more contagious mutation registered in Brazil of whose presence, according to the British Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps, “there is no evidence” to date in this country.

The Government will also eliminate as of Monday all the safe air corridors that allowed some travelers to evade the mandatory quarantine ten days upon arrival in the UK, in order to try to avoid importing any “unidentified strains”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced.

France advances the curfew across the country

France registered 21,271 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours and 288 deaths in hospitals this Friday, to which we must add another 348 deaths in nursing homes and dependency centers since last Tuesday.

The French Government has advanced this Friday that, due to the reduction in the number of Pfizer vaccines that will be distributed in Europe in the coming weeks due to a change in the company’s production capacity, there will be an adjustment in the vaccination rate.

At the same time, this Saturday the two-hour advance of the curfew comes into force, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. throughout the country, more due to concern about the epidemic escalation in neighboring countries than because of the national situation.