Trump replies from the wall: “Amendment 25 is zero risk to me.”

Through thick and thin, Donald Trump seems willing to fight until the last minute of his term.

Less than a week after it ends, with a political trial underway against him and cut off from social networks, the outgoing president He has made an appearance before the wall with Mexico, the supreme symbol of his electoral promises, turned for the occasion into a platform from which to attack the “impeachment” of the Democrats.

From there he has said himself a victim of an unprecedented “witch hunt” and has denounced that “freedom of expression is under attack.”

“Amendment 25 is zero risk to me”

Freedom of expression is under attack like never before -dijo Trump-. Amendment 25 is zero risk to me, but it will take its toll on Joe Biden and his Administration. As the expression says, be careful what you wish for. “

“This impeachment is the next step of the biggest and most evil witch hunt in the history of our country. And it is causing tremendous anger, division and pain far greater than people can understand. This is very dangerous for the United States, especially at this delicate time. “

Congress urges Pence to invoke Amendment 25 to disqualify Trump

Congress has urged Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to disqualify Donald Trump, something that he has advanced that he will not do.

The next stage will take place this Wednesday, when the chamber will vote to formally accuse the president of “inciting insurrection” his followers before the assault on the Capitol, which will force the Senate to subject him to a second impeachment, which will take place when Biden is already in power.

Sentences of up to 20 years in prison for those involved in the assault on the Capitol

On a legal level, the Department of Justice has already has indicted more than 70 people for the attack on the Capitol, as Acting District of Columbia Attorney Michael Sherwin explained.

“Our office has organized a very high ranking National Security prosecutor’s task force. They have orders to work to shore up sedition and conspiracy charges related to the heinous acts that occurred on Capitol Hill. They are serious crimes punishable by prison sentences of up to 20 years__”, dijo Sherwin.

FBI report warns that extremists are preparing to launch a “war” in Washington

Meanwhile, an FBI report, leaked to the press, warns that groups of armed extremists are preparing to launch a “war” in Washington and a new attack on the Capitol on the occasion of the inauguration of Joe Biden. In the capital, security will be maximum, with the incorporation of 10,000 more members of the National Guard.