Germany is experiencing the “toughest” weeks of the pandemic

The next few weeks will be even tougher, a stark warning from Chancellor Angela Merkel as the country has passed the barrier of 40,000 deaths as a result of the pandemic. The virus is moving at high speed across Europe, and although Germany performed better than most countries during the first wave, it is now being hit hard by the second.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted during her speech to the nation:“It is a beginning to the year with mixed feelings. There is the hope that we associate with this new year and the justified hope that step by step we will be able to control the coronavirus and regain our freedom. There is this dangerous second wave of the pandemic in which it finds itself. our country, like many European countries. The coming winter weeks will probably be the most difficult of the pandemic. “

Sweden fights the second wave

Sweden, which has resisted the closure measures, relying mainly on the population to follow official health recommendations, is also fighting a second wave. It has enacted an emergency law that allows the government to limit the number of people in shops, businesses and public places through fines

New curfew in some areas of France

In France, a night curfew from 6 in the afternoon to 6 in the morning in 25 departments where about 16,000 new infections have been confirmed.

There is also a rush to confine groups affected by the highly contagious new variant of covid originally identified in the UK. There have been seven more cases in Marseille.

Michèle Rubirola, delegate of Marseille de Salud, points out: “It happened during a family celebration. A person came from the UK, to reunite with the family and that’s how they got infected.”

Deniers Demonstrate in Czech Republic

But Covid restrictions are being rejected by some in the Czech Republic, thousands of people gathered in the historic Old Town Square of Prague for a demonstration in favor of “Open the Czech Republic”,

Stanislav Holman, is one of the protesters and points out: “They are restricting contacts between people, social ties between people. They are trying to take our lives and determine what we can and cannot do. We cannot allow it.”

Czech hospitals are currently full of Covid-19 patients, where staff are struggling with one of the highest infection rates in the world.

The European countries with the highest mortality rates, in addition to the United Kingdom, which occupies the fifth place globally, are Italy in sixth (78,755), France in seventh (67,885), Russia in eighth (60,963) and Spain in tenth (51,874).