How could it happen? Capitol police chief resigns amid cascade of criticism

How could something like this happen in the symbol of American Democracy? The assault on the Capitol by fanatic supporters of Donald Trump has unleashed a cascade of criticism against the outgoing president and against the police. The first heated the atmosphere and invited the protesters to march towards Congress to prevent it from ratifying the result of the presidential elections. The second were few in number and were especially gracious to the mob. What if the assailants had been members of the Black Lives Matter Movement? President-elect Joe Biden later wondered aloud.

The truth is that the Capitol police were not strong enough or prepared to deal with an angry crowd. When the crowd jumped over the protective fences and spewed irritating chemicals into the compound, many officers simply withdrew.

However, the assault was no surprise. Radical pro-Trump groups had been discussing it openly on social media for weeks. The Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, wonders if there was any kind of complicity and demands radical changes in the protection of Congress:

“Clearly, we need to make serious changes in the way our capital is defended and we need to start implementing those changes now, the main responsibility for the insurrection, the violation of the capital lies with the perpetrators, Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress. “says Murphy.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned, which will take effect on January 16, and Washington DC Police Chief Robert Contee has asked for citizen collaboration to identify the participants in the assault if they recognize them in the multitude of images that they themselves spread_

“Some of these images are very clear. There is no question who some of these people are. So we ask our communities to call. Whether they are from here in the District of Columbia or as far away as the West Coast, it doesn’t matter. Call your local FBI office, identify who these individuals are and let’s hold them accountable, “Contee said at a press conference.

The FBI, which has also appealed to the population, is offering a reward of up to $ 50,000 to anyone who provides information leading to the location, arrest and conviction of those responsible for the homemade bombs that the police found in Washington on the same day of the assault on the Capitol.

Controversy is also generated by the National Guard, which for months dealt unceremoniously with the often peaceful protests of the Black Lives Matter Movement. On Wednesday he was not mobilized until at night, when Mike Pence agreed to the request for reinforcements made by the mayor of the capital. Trump had ignored her.

The day ended with four deaths, three due to a medical emergency and one due to bullet wounds, a score of wounded and fifty detainees. A day later, on Thursday, one of the 14 police officers who had been injured during the assault on the Capitol died.