Donald Trump will not attend the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, on January 20

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Friday that he will not attend the inauguration of his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, on January 20.

“To everyone who has asked me, I am not going to the inauguration on January 20,” Trump said in a laconic tweet.

This announcement contradicts his message the day before, in which he assured that he would work to ensure a “ ‘smooth, orderly and smooth transition of power’ ‘to his successor.

As reported by Capitol Police, Agent Brian D. Sicknick died on the night of Thursday through Friday from injuries sustained during the assault on Congress by hundreds of Trump supporters. With Sicknick, there are already five people who died in the break-in to the building.

Trump skips tradition

Trump offered no clues as to how he would spend his last hours in office, and will be the first sitting president since Andrew Johnson (17th president, 1865-1869) to skip the swearing-in of his successor.

Traditionally, incoming and outgoing presidents travel together to the United States Capitol for the ceremony, as a symbol of the nation’s peaceful transition.

Biden will become president at noon on January 20, regardless of Trump’s plans. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to attend the inauguration.

An increasingly isolated president

The outgoing president, Donald Trump, who finds himself increasingly isolated, has posted a video of more than two minutes on Twitter in which he condemns the violence, promises a peaceful transition and calls for the reconciliation of Americans. Furthermore, for the first time, he has not spoken of electoral fraud.

Biden’s transition team had no immediate comment on Trump’s announcement. But Jen Psaki, the incoming White House press secretary to the president-elect, said last month that whether Trump attended the inauguration was not the most important thing to Biden.

The consequences of whipping the mob into the Capitol

It was a capitulation to pressure. Democratic leaders in Congress have asked Vice President Mike Pence and the Presidential Cabinet to initiate the impeachment of Trump through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Transportation Secretaries Elaine Chao and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced their resignation Thursday over the president’s role in the tension that led to the riots. A protester was shot dead during the incidents. In addition, three other people were killed in incidents related to the assault.