One in 50 people in England is infected with COVID-19

London’s busiest shopping street was practically deserted on Tuesday. Confinement has taken over England, where the numbers of the pandemic speak for themselves. It is estimated that one in 50 people is infected with COVID-19.

Day after day, the UK continues to break records, with almost 61,000 new cases in the last 24 hours and 830 deaths.

More than two percent of the population is now infected, that is, more than a million people in England said the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. You all want to be sure that the government is using every second of this lockdown to put an invisible shield around the elderly and vulnerable. “

Germany prolongs and tightens restrictions, with an unprecedented limitation of mobility

The feared British variant of the virus is already circulating in Germany, which remains unable to slow down the rate of infections.

As expected, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Tuesday that she is not only extending the current restrictions until the end of January, but also tightening them. Among the new measures, a unprecedented nationwide: a 15-kilometer mobility restriction around the home for the inhabitants of the most affected areas.

“As the experts have told me again, the winter months are when the pandemic can wreak the most havoc Merkel explained. Added to this is the mutated virus, which has already entered our country. That is why it is absolutely necessary to get to a point where we can trace the infection chains again. “

Controversy over vaccines

The vaccine has become the subject of controversy in many European countries. In Germany, the problem is the lack of doses, which many attribute to the decision of the Government to supply itself through the European Commission.

In France, which this Tuesday again exceeded 20,000 infections, the authorities are reproached for the extreme slowness of the process. In fact, only 500 people were vaccinated in the first six days. In response, priority centers and groups have multiplied, including everyone over 75 years of age.

In Spain, infections and restrictions are growing

In Spain, vaccination is not progressing at the expected rate either. Fewer than 140,000 people have received the first dose, with huge differences from region to region. The Government is willing to alleviate the shortage of health professionals with the participation of the Army.

The pandemic also worsens here, with more than 23,000 positives and 352 deaths in 24 hours. The ghost of the third wave takes shape, as restrictions tighten.