The United Kingdom, on the ropes for the new strain of the virus

In record time, the new ultra-contagious strain of COVID-19 has put the UK on the ropes. Boris Johnson’s government imposed a new strict confinement on Monday, the third, after registering another record of infections, with almost 59,000 in a single day.

The country vaccinates in a hurry. From this Monday also with doses of AstraZeneca, the second authorized vaccine after Pfizer, but it is still not enough to slow down the advance of the virus.

In a televised statement, the prime minister warned that the new strain, between 50 and 70% more contagious, if it is propagating “frustratingly and alarmingly”. “We have to do even more -said-. Therefore, England is going to be locked up hard enough to contain this variant. The Government calls the population, once again, to stay at home. “

21 days before the hospital collapse

The government has shut down England after experts warned that without drastic measures, the health system will collapse in 21 days. In fact, there are no more beds in some hospitals, unable to cope with a 50% increase, in just a week and a half, in the admissions of COVID-19 patients.

With this new confinement, which will be in force until mid-February, the population will only be able to go outside to buy essentials, seek medical help, exercise or work, if there is no other option. All educational centers are also closed and distance learning is imposed.

Scotland also decrees the total confinement

Scotland, which follows its own strategy to combat the pandemic, also imposed a total confinement of the region on Monday. In the opinion of the Chief Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, the situation has never been as dire as it is today.

“It is no exaggeration to say that I am more concerned about the situation we are facing now than at any time since March last year. Nicola Sturgeon said. _A growing number of cases means that many more people get sick and die. All of this explains why we have to act quickly and decisively. “

The UK has already vaccinated more than a million people with doses of Pfizer and has ordered 100 million doses of AstraZeneca. However, for the moment, the virus, which has already killed 75,000 people in the country, is running faster. Northern Ireland and Wales, the other two British provinces, were already confined after Christmas.