Criticism for the ups and downs of Boris Johnson in handling the health crisis in the United Kingdom

London, once again confined. Some of the restrictions announced on Monday could be lifted in early March, Michael Gove, minister spokesman in charge of coordinating government actions, commented on Tuesday.

The ups and downs in the handling of the health crisis by the British executive raise suspicions.

Schools open or closed?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new limitations just hours after insisting that schools should reopen as usual after the Christmas holidays.

“When you have this conflict between a science-based and populist perspective that we are seeing infecting part of the European political class – especially here in the UK and in Poland, Hungary and elsewhere, where they will take only what they want from scientific advice listening to tell people what they think they want to hear, “laments Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former adviser. “24 hours before the lockdown announced last night, Boris Johnson suggested that we were terribly wrong if we didn’t send our children back to school. One day later the schools are closed.”

Companies with no room for maneuver

The short notice with which the new closure has been announced has left many businesses without the ability to maneuver, which can be very expensive.

“We ordered these products a week ago, to have them prepared by Brexit for when schools open,” says Justin Denzer, importer of fruits and vegetables. “When we placed the order before Christmas the schools were going to reopen. Obviously, we didn’t know what was happening with COVID. Now the schools are closed again. We had ordered all this, which now will not go to the schools. So we have to find another place to sell it all. “

5 billion euros in aid to companies

Until last weekend, schools were being provided coronavirus test kits to help them open despite calls from teacher unions not to do so. But the government’s goals have finally crashed against the starkness of the data.

Crude, also, the panorama of hundreds of thousands of companies for which the Ministry of Finance announced this Tuesday aid for a total of more than five thousand million euros.