A case of incest and pedophilia shakes the French political and social establishment

An incest and pedophilia scandal shakes the French cultural, political and social establishment.

The stepdaughter of the mediatic political scientist Olivier Duhamel, who was a socialist MEP, publishes a book on Thursday in which he accuses him of having sexually abused his twin brother when he was a teenager, some thirty years ago.

Justice has just taken action on the matter by opening an investigation for the crimes of rape and sexual assault by a person with authority over a minor.

In a statement, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that there was already a previous procedure for this case about 10 years ago, but then the alleged victim did not want to report it and Duhamel, who is now 70 years old, did not have to give a statement, filing the matter in 2011.

Now, the investigations are being carried out by the Juvenile Protection Brigade of the Judicial Police, which has the mission of clarifying the facts, checking whether they are prescribed and identifying any other potential victim.

Olivier Duhamel has reacted by resigning from his post as president of the National Political Science Foundation, FNSP, to “preserve the institutions” after being “subjected to personal attacks”.

‘The Big Family’

The matter has come to light because Camille Kouchner, the stepdaughter of the political scientist and former European Socialist parliamentarian (between 1997 and 2004) tells about it in a book, entitled “La Familia Grande”, of which the newspaper Le Monde and the weekly L ‘ Obs advanced various extracts. And since then, tongues have been unleashed.

Camille Kouchner, a specialist in labor law who is now 45 years old, has revealed that her mother Evelyne Pisier, a prominent feminist, writer of works such as ‘Suddenly Freedom’ and a professor of political thought, knew the facts and asked her to remain silent; his death in 2017 frees her from this promise.

In her book, Camille Kouchner states that her stepfather at the end of the 80s and for two and a half years abused his brother, whom in her story she calls Victor to hide his real name, a secret that she also kept at the request of the latter that he feared the consequences that these revelations could have on his life, and at the same time felt ashamed and even now he refuses to speak publicly about these events.

According to his sister, they were both dismayed and did not understand how that man, educated, educated with charisma and with a certain fame, who was his mother’s husband, entered the then adolescent’s room to abuse him.

And if the stepfather was famous, the father of Camille and her twin is even more famous; he is Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders and former French Foreign Minister under the government of Nicolás Sarkozy.

Bernard Kouchner says he found out what happened to his son in the early 2010s but, for the same reasons as his ex-wife and mother of the twins, Evelyne Pisier, he kept silent. This Monday he decided to publish a statement in which he paid tribute to the “courage” of his daughter Camille for telling it now.

“The cases of incest are stories of silence and omerta. This is a series of intricate silences,” explains Camille Kouchner.

A 2018 law, which is not retroactive and, therefore, could not be applied to these facts if they were proven true, increases the statute of limitations for abuses against minors under 30 years (20 years previously) after that the victim reaches the age of majority, that is, up to 48 years of age.

But whether or not there is a trial, France is shocked by these revelations since the facts, if confirmed, have occurred at the top of the intellectual and social elite, which has the capacity in France to dictate what is politically correct, what to think and say.