The Academies of Uruguay and Argentina support Edinson Cavani sanctioned by a racist tweet

The National Academy of Letters of Uruguay has shown “its most energetic rejection” of the sanction imposed by the English Football Federation (FA) to Edinson Cavani, of Manchester United, after a tweet on social networks considered racist, in which the soccer player he responded to a follower who congratulated him on a comeback against Southampton “thank you black.”

“Many times the same terms can be considered loving or friendly”

In a statement posted on its website, it assures that said penalty “warns of the poverty of cultural and linguistic knowledge that that Federation reveals by founding such a questionable resolution.”

“As is well known, references to physical, moral or personal qualities of other people are used in all the languages ​​of the world for the creation of vocatives, that is, expressions to treat others. In some contexts these have a negative tenor and many times the same terms can be considered affectionate or friendly “, explains the document.

As detailed by the Academy, in Uruguay “you can hear and read forms such as gordis, chubby, negri, negrito / a” and the person who is treated with these vocatives “does not have to be overweight or have a dark skin color to receive them. “

An “affective” value

“Cavani’s use of the black voice to address” pablofer2222 “, a fan of the footballer, has this kind of affectionate tenor: given the context in which it was written, the person to whom it was addressed and the variety of Spanish that was used, the only value that can have black – and in particular because of its diminutive nature – is the affective one “, he points out.

“Ignorance and error regarding the uses of the language and in particular of Spanish”

Finally, the statement emphasizes that the FA “has committed a grave injustice” and has revealed “ignorance and error regarding the uses of the language and in particular Spanish, without taking note of all its complexities and contexts.”

The Argentine Academy of Letters also came out in defense of the Uruguayan forward. Through a statement signed by its vice president, José Luis Moure, the entity rejected the decision of the English Federation and considered that there is an “evident ignorance of the meaning given to this expression by the speakers of Argentina and other dialectical regions of Latin America. South”.

To these messages of institutional support, another popular one has also been added with the #graciasnegrito that many people began to apply and that has become a trend in Uruguay.

Some even added a football history lesson by recalling that in 1950, 28 years before the English Football Federation accepted the first black player Viv Anderson into its national team, Uruguay had Obdulio Jacinto Varela as captain and José Leandro Andrade, the The first black star player, he made his debut in “La Celeste” in 1932.

However, the Uruguayan-Italian Edinson Cavani has been understanding with the current social norms of the country where he plays and lives. Not only has he complied with the fine of 110,000 euros and the three suspension matches, but he has also admitted the accusations and must attend sessions of ‘face-to-face education’ since the English Football Federation considers that his comment on tweet was “insulting, abusive and inappropriate “, and sees” aggravating “that the footballer made reference to the” color, race or ethnic origin “of another person.

The player also withdrew his comment on his tweet with “thank you black” and published a statement in which he apologized and assured that he is “absolutely opposed to racism.”

Manchester United said Cavani has decided not to challenge the decision out of “respect” and “solidarity” with “the fight against racism in football.”

Still, he argues that the player “honestly believed that he was simply sending a warm thank you, in response to a congratulatory message from a close friend.”

But United also justifies the sanction: “Although it is clear that context and intention were key factors, we are aware that the independent regulatory commission had to impose a suspension, minimum of three games.”

“The club trusts that the independent regulatory commission will make clear when arguing its motives that Edinson Cavani is not a racist, nor was there any racist intention in that publication,” concludes Manchester United.