More than 2,000 people at an illegal New Years Eve party in French Brittany – 3 policemen injured

This January 1, 2021, a New Year’s Eve rave in French Brittany with some 2,000 partiers continued until the end of the morning – without face masks or social distancing. French media report that at least three policemen had been injured by stone throwing. Firefighters also had to intervene because a police vehicle caught fire.

Photos and videos of the illegal celebration of New Year’s Eve in Lieuron, Ille-et-Vilaine department, were disseminated on the Internet. Security forces used a helicopter to determine how many people had come to the rave party. On a country road, the D177 between Rennes and Redon, the police chased after revelers.

According to the local public broadcaster France Bleu, the participants came from all over France and even from Poland, despite the night curfew in France, which the authorities maintained at 8:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, a traditional night marked by incidents across the country.

The French government only relaxed the curfew on Christmas Eve.

Journalist Benjamin Fontaine shared a video that revelers had circulated on Snapchat with the message “Happy New Year.” In the video several participants shout “Happy New Year” with some insults to the police.

Lieuron, Ille-et-Villaine, tonight. A clandestine party brings together almost 2,000 people, a gendarmerie vehicle is set on fire. Meanwhile, on Snapchat …

The party had been organized in an empty hall of a transport company in Lieuron.

In Rennes, the city center was deserted by the night curfew.

Brittany: About 1,000 partiers managed to get together and throw a wild party on Thursday, December 31, in disused hangars in Lieuron, about 40 kilometers south of Rennes. Very few masks and no social distancing. But there is a very good atmosphere …

The public channel France Info reports that there was also an illegal party with about 400 guests in Marseille. Strasbourg traditionally riot takes place on New Year’s Eve, but this year fewer cars have burned than usual due to restrictions.

Despite everything, vehicles have been set on fire and clashes with the police have taken place in cities throughout France, such as Bordeaux or Angers, although with less intensity than in “normal” years.

Despite the nightly curfew, many French people have left for Monaco, where, unlike France, restaurants are open. But there are also restrictions in the Principality. Guests were also unable to celebrate all night there – restaurants close at 10pm.