Passion resurfaces in Colombian soap operas

How to want **I know, how to hate yourself, how to kiss with passion, as a soap opera demands, when in the scenes you fear the intrusion of an undesirable guest, called coronavirus? ** In a Colombian coffee plantation, under the midday sun, the team from the series “Woman-fragranced coffee” has returned to work after half a year of unemployment caused by the pandemic.

Many precautionary measures have been taken – the entire sector and its thousands of jobs risk its survival – but how to tell the fiery love story between Gaviota, the young collector, and Sebastián, the rich heir, without kisses? Impossible.

“When you hug, hug, and if the bug got in, it got in. It’s our job.”

“Once there, the one you hug, you hug. If the bug got in, it got in, because that’s the job. I don’t know. if we were astronauts then we would have other distances, but we are actors that we work with emotion, with the body, with the voice “explains actress Katherine Velez.

Test for everyone and a farm converted into a hostel

Every Monday, the entire team, made up of dozens of people, passes a PCR test. It is expensive, but indispensable, as the director of the telenovela, Mauricio Cruz, explains.

“For example, yesterday to do some promotions there was a kiss scene, but the exam had been the day before, so we were very sure -it states-_. The truth is that being here has led us to be very focused, really isolated from where the contagion can be. We are in the field, in the open air and all of us who are here are healthy and this is essential for everything to flow smoothly for everyone “. _

Six months of stoppage and an industry pending the virus

To avoid risks, most of the team members live and sleep on the ranch where the soap opera is filmed, but it is not a bubble, since they can go out on their days off to see their family.

His worst nightmare is that everything stops again as it happened in April, when this and 37 other Colombian productions were interrupted.

“We were going to start recording in April. Just ten days before we started recording, we were in quarantine for almost six months and that delayed the start of the recordings and the way to do it”, says executive producer Yalile Giordanelli.

Even the script had to be modified. No party scenes or big events, ‘Woman-fragranced coffee’ is more intimate than ever. Love yes, but outdoors and in its purest form.