Love and sex in times of pandemic

Finding the other half was difficult in 2020. Without a doubt, 2020 was a difficult year to start new love relationships, schedule weddings, have an adventure or throw a little candle in the air …

The COVID-19 pandemic brought masks, restrictions and meters away. With the confinement, 2020 became a year in which many couples merged and many others broke up. Precautions not to get infected triggered the sales of erotic toys. While others were encouraged to seduce games on the Internet.

The Internet was the alternative to the impossible kisses with a mask from a meter away

We spoke with Celia Blanco, journalist and writer, about how love and sex became in times of pandemic.

“What we have done has been to wisely conjugate the verb sexting. We are learning to link much more through sexual networks. We are learning to have approaches towards people” without getting into it “, in a polite way.”

Seduce ‘online’

“You have to seduce” online “, just as you would in a bar or anywhere. We are learning a new way of communicating, relating and also having sex. We have learned to communicate in an” online “way. On social media you immediately detect if someone is interested in you. ”

The value of words

From there you can start that way, and you start to develop a whole vocabulary and a way of expressing yourself. We seduce a lot again with language because those messages are not what convince the other person.

Sex toys for remote interaction

Today there are already sex toys to interact at a distance. For example, my partner may be in London, and if I want to have sex with him, I can connect to a certain program that exists, and each one with our respective sex toys we can interact. I can command his sex toys what they are doing to him; and him ordering my sex toys.

Technologies and virtual sex

What is going to happen is that everyone will begin to know the sex toys that only the initiated knew before. And we will begin to have access to a type of relationship that until now could only have people who were very into technology, but that is becoming more and more simplified. If the grandparents in the residences have learned to make phone calls from a mobile by watching their grandchildren through the screen … I am going to learn to have sex with people who are far away.

Celia Blanco, journalist and writer, publishes content about love and sex on her blog