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In those days they had to leave their city because the war had gotten much worse and it was impossible to survive in their country. They began to walk towards Europe. They had been told that it was a land where Human Rights are respected. The journey was long, dangerous and heavy. The last section was with an inflatable boat and they did not want her on board because she was already pregnant. The journey was hard because they were about to sink several times.

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When happy to arrive in Europe, they thought that everything was solved, they were locked up in Moria, a refugee camp, they said. But this was a hellish place, without conditions, without hope and with incredible overcrowding. Before, there were NGOs that helped in the field both with materials and food as well as with bureaucratic procedures, but now they were no longer allowed to enter.

A few weeks ago they had to run from the field because a night fire burned everything. They could not take anything they had: not the documentation proving that they were waiting for recognition as refugees, not even some clothing. Maria had a hard time running with her pregnancy so advanced, but they managed to escape. They slept in the open for two days and the pregnancy was already coming to an end.

A few days later the police took them to a new refugee camp. They saw immediately that this place, more than a refugee camp, was once again a prison. It was not in conditions and they could only be washed by going to the sea that bathed a part of the enclosure. The reports that were circulating with increasing force said that they were expelling everyone who was there out of Europe. They did not understand why the United Nations said in the tents if this was a prison for the country’s army, an internment center, to expel them. Why was the UN collaborating there? Why weren’t any NGOs or volunteers allowed to work?

Rumors said that the next to be expelled would be those from his store. Maria went into labor last night. The store colleagues have notified the whole field and a nurse has come from the nearby stores, who has attended the delivery. When the army came looking for them to repatriate them and they saw that a child was being born, they decided to postpone the expulsion from the country that was scheduled today.

They have named him Jesus, which means the savior, because everyone says that this child has prevented them from expatriation. They don’t know for how long, but they can hope for a few more days. The news has spread and the journalists have gone to the field, but they have not let us in and we have only been able to speak with some of them through the fence.

They hope that, on January 6, the European Union will humanize its reception policies and stop treating people who are only fleeing a war looking for a better life as criminals.

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