Navalni pulls confession from alleged Russian spy implicated in his poisoning

Alexéi Navalni was poisoning through his underwear, according to confessions of a Russian spy to the opposition leader himself. In an undercover call, Konstantín Kudriavtsev, an alleged agent of the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB), offers chilling details of the attempted assassination of Navalni. Kudriavtsev, a chemical expert, was in charge of erasing any evidence that had linked Russia at the crime scene.

Navalni, posing as a senior member of the Russian Security Council, asked the secret agent for an analysis of the operation of his poisoning. His phone number was hidden behind a false number, Navalni’s team explained to CNN, which is leading the investigation.

During the conversation, the chemist admitted to having “treated” Navalni’s clothes – suit, shirt, underwear, mask, etc. – to erase all kinds of traces, garments that the opponent has demanded, in vain, that they be returned to him.

In response to the opponent’s questions, the alleged agent revealed that the toxic substance, Novichok, was sprayed inside the part of the “underpants” that protects the genital organs.

Kudriavtsev cites, among others, Colonel Stanislav Makshakov, a military scientist specializing in chemical weapons and alleged coordinator of the Navalni poisoning operation.

According to this investigation, FSB operatives followed Navalni on his trips through Russia, coinciding on 37 occasions in the same destinations in 2017, 2019 and 2020, including last August in Tomsk, where the opponent was poisoned.

Without mentioning the name of his political rival, Vladimir Putin replied that the United States is behind the investigation and, for the first time, justified the fact that the opponent is being watched by the FSB for having the support of the American intelligence services.

“It is not a type of investigation, it is only the formalization of the material provided by the United States secret services. Do we not know that they track the location? Our special services know very well. If this is correct, and I assure you it is Correct. It means that the patient in this Berlin hospital depends on the support of the US secret services. If so, then he is quite interesting and that is why the services should take care of him. But that does not mean that it is necessary to poison him. Does he care? “, said the Russian president and blamed the German authorities for refusing to cooperate with Russia to clarify the crime and denied that there are grounds to initiate a criminal case.

Navalny was on the brink of death in late August when he was poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok during a trip to Siberia. His recovery without apparent sequelae in Germany was almost a miracle. It remains to be seen how much of the nerve agent was actually in Navalny’s room.