Summary of the year 2020 | The 5 most viewed news on YouTube from Euronews in Spanish

2020, a beautiful number full of promise, which turned into a nightmare. In a rare year, full of uncertainty, fear, loneliness and broken dreams …

People, more than ever, have felt the need to be informed. We have seen it first hand, here, in the writing of Euronews in Spanish, with a spectacular rebound in our channel YouTube.

Today, we review the most viewed news of this 2020. The pandemic undoubtedly occupies an important place, but there are other issues … some surprising. We see it.


Coronavirus: when the world stops, the planet breathes

Released on March 20, this video has over a million views, almost 12,000 likes, 450 dislikes and more than 2,200 comments.

Using map graphics, with subtitles, it is explained how polluting emissions have been reduced in the world, by confining the population and stopping the activity of the countries.

Its success lies in the fact that it brings together two issues that are of great concern: the health of our planet and our own health. It helps its attractive headline and it was published when most of the world’s population were locked in our homes, still not quite sure what was happening and what we were up against.

This is an example of that need to be informed, which arose in those first steps of the pandemic.

Regarding the comments:

“It has become clear to me, the virus was launched to stop global warming.”

“Every cloud has a silver lining”.

“Sabbath for Mother Earth. He was crying out for it. “

There are those who see it as a “punishment” O “Revenge of nature” towards humans.

There are many who ask “One international quarantine a year” to give the planet a break.

And who, in a joking tone, blame Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage environmentalist, for being behind the creation of the virus.


In position number 4 if you place the most surprising news of this ranking:

Venezuela | Cockfighting, where the dollar rules and politics does not exist

Posted on February 5, it has almost one million one hundred thousand views, almost 3,600 thumbs up and more than 800 thumbs down.

Among his almost 250 comments, many in favor:

“100 x 100 gallero”.

“I want to see more fights.”

“Good thing it’s legal.”

And many against the mistreatment of animals:

“What a shame for Venezuela.”


“No more fights”.

“It’s crap, that’s animal abuse”_._

Many comments come as a surprise that cockfighting is legal in Venezuela.

This ancient practice arrived in the Caribbean country with the Spanish conquerors. It is also legal in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, in some states of Mexico and some regions of Spain.


At number 3, the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador:

Nayib Bukele breaks into Congress with armed soldiers

A news item on February 10, with more than one million one hundred thousand views, 15,000 likes and 700 I don’t like it and more than 1,800 comments.

Messages of support, for the most part, to President Bukele and his initiative to end the scourge of the maras, on whom he has declared war since he was mayor of San Salvador.

“Great Bukele”.

“Honduras needs such a president.”

“The worst virus is not the coronavirus. They are the corrupt Salvadoran deputies ”.

“I wish that in Colombia and Peru there was a president like that.”

“Many Salvadorans have been outraged by this … but not when the deputies made an agreement with the gangs.”

“You have to clone it.”

“Bukele for the world.”

Support messages from Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, United States, Brazil, Italy …

But also criticism:

“Millennial dictator.”

“A dictator in El Salvador, but since there is no oil they are not going to remove it.”

“The next Chávez.”

“The next Maduro.”


“I do not agree with these actions: intimidation and involving religion and the State.”

The prayer of Bukele sitting in the chair of the President of Parliament is what most disturbed some.

To this day, ten months later, this video continues to receive visits and generate comments.

Some wonder if the budget was finally approved to launch phase three of the Territorial Control Plan, which caused Bukele’s controversial action. The answer is no. This budget is still blocked in the Salvadoran Congress.

Actions like this and other decisions have unleashed criticism in international organizations, such as the European Union, or human rights. However, Bukele remains the highest valued president in Latin America, with a 92% acceptance.


COVID-19 is back, at number 2 on our list.

Coronavirus victims soar, with 242 dead in a single day

This video was posted on February 12. Talk about China. It has more than one million seven hundred thousand views.

In those moments, we put our hands to the head, with such figures. We would still have to wait a month for the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare the global pandemic, March 11th.

From China it reached Italy and spread throughout Europe, the United States and America … The death toll and infections skyrocketed.

A few days ago Italy recorded the record of 993 deaths in a single day, surpassing “By far the European average”. Countries like Denmark, Germany or the United Kingdom once again confine themselves to the doors of Christmas.

China is no longer talked about, or little. We know that their figures were always very far from reality. And that’s how the public perceived it.

“I think they are making up the figures so as not to generate panic”said some comments ten months ago.

“It is impossible to verify the data of a dictatorship like the Chinese one”.

“They knew what was coming, that’s why they built those hospitals overnight at full speed”.

There were those who said: “Everyone should use a mask from now on”.

At that time it was impossible to buy masks in many countries and even the governments themselves and the World Health Organization (WHO) assured that they were not necessary. Until June 5, the WHO did not recommend the widespread use of masks in closed places and with many people, such as public transport.

Comments on plot theories, apocalyptic prophecies, fear, mistrust, need for information and hope to have a vaccine in 18 months. 10 months later countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia and China are already vaccinating their population. U.S It started last Monday, December 14th. It has also started vaccinating Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu setting an example.


And we reached number 1. The most viewed video of this 2020, in the Euronews YouTube channel in Spanish, also about the pandemic.

A Belgian scientist claims that there is a cheap and effective treatment against coronaviruses

We published this news on February 27. Since then, it has been viewed more than two million eight hundred thousand times, harvesting about 43,000 likes and generating almost 4,000 comments.

The protagonist, chloroquine, which counts the Brazilian and American presidents, Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump, among its biggest fans. Chloroquine, used to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases, has not proven to be a panacea in the fight against COVID-19.

The European Medicines Agency considered that it should only “used for clinical trials or emergency programs” in the context of the pandemic.

The news generated at the end of February, positive comments, of hope, and gratitude … And also of concern for the safety of the Belgian scientist.

“That scientist just by saying cheap and efficient is going to be in danger …”Commented one user, a comment that provoked 185 reactions: “And if I were Chinese I would already be dead”one pointed out, “Stop the paranoia”said another.

Flemish virologist Marc Van Ranst is still alive and well. Just asked stricter measures in Belgium, such as advancing the curfew at eight in the afternoon, to reduce infections. Something that, he says, would be possible if all citizens complied with the current restrictions. Something that is not happening.