Spanish elderly, traumatized by the pandemic

Mobility problems, insomnia, depression, feelings of abandonment … The elderly Spaniards drag the trauma of the pandemic. A pandemic that has left more than 23,000 dead only in nursing homes, where cases have been increasing for weeks.

Belkis Zoraida survived the virus. Now he is trying to recover physically and psychologically. The disease separated her from her 93-year-old husband for the first time in six decades of marriage.

“Oh my God, anxiety crisis, psychiatrist, psychologist, asking me why, my God, why in the world did this have to happen, regrets.

In nursing homes in Madrid, the first wave hit with such force that, in many of them, more than half of the elderly have developed antibodies.

Pedro Marcelo fights against the aftermath of the disease, which has made him lose a lot of mobility. I am not afraid of dying or anything. I just want to move a little better until the day comes that I have to leave “explains the 87-year-old man.

“There are people who come without walking, without being able to eat by themselves and totally disoriented”

At the Vitalia home in Canillejas, the elderly are brought from their homes and care centers to try to regain their spirits and strength.

“They come from ten days, fifteen days of hospital stay in total isolation and there are people who come without walking, without being able to eat themselves, totally disoriented“, explains Erika del Corral, one of the center’s therapists.

The director of a residence and a doctor accused of reckless homicide

This Tuesday, it was made public that the director and a doctor of a nursing home in Madrid have been accused of reckless homicide following the death of an 85-year-old woman from COVID-19.

According to the prosecution, they could also have incurred crime of denial of assistance sanitary. The woman was taken to the hospital when it was too late.

It is the first successful complaint, but it may not be the last. In a powerful report, Amnesty International denounced in early November that the elderly in many residences suffered tragic situations of inattention and even abandonment.

Problems that persist in many of them, due to lack of means, to which a deep fatigue is added.

The incidence of the virus increases again in Spain

At least one in ten Spaniards has already been infected by coronavirus. After declining decisively, the incidence of COVID-19 has started to increase again this week and the 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This Tuesday, more than 10,000 new infections and 388 deaths were reported.