Mexico, waiting for the vaccine, as the pandemic strengthens

Infections and deaths from COVID-19 are experiencing an accelerated rebound in Mexico, especially critical in the capital, where hospital occupancy exceeds 80%. The authorities have restricted the hours of shops in the center, but they are reluctant to go further in the measures and turn the epidemiological traffic light to red.

In a market in the capital, the eventuality of a closure worries sellers and customers.

“In a bit we are a bit waiting for what may happen. They told us to work today, normal “explains the owner of a stall.

“At the end of the day we need things. For example, now in cold weather we need jackets and things like that.”, argues a woman.

President López Obrador has recommended to the population not to leave home in the next 10 days, if not necessary.

The pandemic spoils the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The most impressive image of the pandemic in Mexico has been that of the Basilica of Guadalupe closed, empty and guarded by forces of order during the weekend, coinciding with the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a celebration that brings together more than 10 million people in this place each year.

Among the faithful there is sadness, but also resignation.

I find the security measures very sad. I thought that maybe I could get to the fence of the basilica “a man laments.

“This is very dead. Last year there were rivers of people here, people here with their tents, people consuming in the hotel “adds another.

“I say that we are happy to have come, to be able to sit here with the virgin for another year”, a young man is consoled, who has come accompanied by his whole family.

More than 114,000 dead and waiting to start vaccinating before Christmas

All this occurs while Mexico has exceeded 114,000 deaths and the authorities articulate the mass vaccination campaign, after the approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

The Government hopes to start vaccinating around December 22, with 125,000 doses of Pfizer in Mexico City and Coahuila destined, in the first place, to health personnel.

Cases are on the rise in many countries. In Peru, controversy spreads

Contagions are on the rise again in other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Uruguay or Chile, where the capital has decreed a quarantine on weekends.

Active cases are also increasing in Peru, as well as controversy due to the absence of firm agreements with international laboratories to buy vaccines against COVID-19.

The authorities have only signed one contract with Pfizer, which leaves the promise of being able to start immunizing the population in the first quarter of next year. Peru, one of the worst hit countries in the world, has registered more than 36,700 deaths from coronavirus.