European countries seek the formula to avoid massive infections at Christmas

Germany is preparing for a stricter lockdown in the face of a new record for coronavirus infections.

Germany closes in more

To restaurants, bars and leisure centers closed since November, non-essential shops will be added from this Wednesday. And the schools will bring the holidays forward to that day.

“On the one hand, I see it exaggerated. Perhaps the confinement could have been done earlier,” says this woman. “That way we would have had peace and quiet and could go shopping without problems.”

“I suppose it is necessary. All European countries have different ways of managing it. I think this is the best,” says this man.

Czech Republic and Netherlands too

In the Czech Republic, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities, reopened just two weeks ago, will close again next Friday.

The Netherlands has begun a five-week seclusion, with no nonessential shops, theaters, or gyms. Schools will close this Wednesday.

The restrictions will be relaxed slightly for three days around Christmas. Households will be allowed to host three guests, instead of two.

Boris Johnson’s doubt

For its part, the British Government is under increasing pressure to relax the constraints around the Christmas season. Although two major medical publications warn that doing so will cost many lives despite starting vaccination.

From this Wednesday more than 60% of England, including London, will live under the highest level of restrictions. Pubs and restaurants may only sell take away products. And meetings between non-partners in private or in most outdoor places will be prohibited.

Italians take advantage while they can

Meanwhile, Italians have taken advantage of a certain relaxation in measures in many regions to go Christmas shopping. But, according to local media, the Government is thinking of hardening them again due to fear of another wave of infections.

In early December he announced more restrictions for Christmas that will make family celebrations more difficult.

France relaxes and calls for prior self-confinement

In France, this Tuesday the national confinement has been replaced by a curfew from eight in the afternoon to six in the morning. Travel restrictions have also been lifted.

Prime Minister Jean Castex encourages his compatriots to confine themselves during the eight days before Christmas gatherings.

He has also suggested that children stop going to school this Thursday or Friday so that families can start the voluntary self-confinement together.