The Biden-Harris couple, Time Person of the Year “for what is to come”

US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been named Person of the Year by Time magazine

The publication specifies that “it is not only because of the year that it was, but because of what is to come” and adds that both represent “something historical”

This was highlighted by the editor-in-chief of Time, Edward Felsenthal, to justify the reasons for this election in which for the first time the magazine, which has already designated several presidents of the country as people of the year, decides to include the president’s political partner .

“The next four years are going to be a great test for them and for all of us, to see how far they can achieve the unity they have promised,” added Felsenthal.

“Biden, the conciliatory leader who seeks to end political polarization in America”

Felsenthal was referring to the victory speech delivered by both politicians on November 7, in which Biden introduced himself as a conciliatory leader seeking to end political polarization in the country; the one who was vice president of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017 said: “This is the moment to heal in the United States.”

Defeat the minotaur

In its praise of both, the magazine compares their electoral victory against Trump with the Greek myth of the death of the minotaur at the hands of Theseus.

“Defeating the minotaur was one thing, finding the way out of the labyrinth is another,” says Time, which describes some of the most pressing problems that his presidency will face: The pandemic, the educational delay due to the closings of schools, the economic crisis caused by covid-19 or the radical partisan division.

“Do not respond to hatred with hatred”

Charlotte Alter, a Time correspondent, also insisted that “Biden developed a message of unity and healing at a time when the country was sicker and more divided than almost any other time in American history.”

“When I first announced my candidacy I was very precise that to unite America we were not going to respond to hatred with hatred to restore the soul of the country,” Biden told the Time before insisting that the unity of Americans is their objective.

Times sums it up by assuring that during the election campaign Biden “believed that the majority of voters simply wanted reconciliation after four years of combat, that they craved decency, dignity, experience and competence”, after the experience of being governed. by President Donad Trump.

The “charisma” and the “toughness” of Kamala Harris

The magazine also highlighted that Biden had chosen for the first time as his electoral traveling companion a woman, Kamala Harris, whom he valued her “charisma” and her “toughness” when it came to questioning the officials of the Trump Administration.

Time also did not want to forget the importance of her origin, the daughter of a Jamaican father and an Indian mother, nor her professional career as California attorney general before winning her seat in the Upper House of the US Congress in 2016.

In its presentation, another aspect in which the publication has also wanted to emphasize is that the couple that will take over the reins of the country next January is complemented by offering “together, restoration and renovation: the United States bought what they sold in the elections with biggest turnout in a century. ”

“Biden and Harris share the faith that an empathic government can restore the solidarity we have lost,” Time highlights at another point in the presentation peppered with continued praise and a clear hope that the dark times sown by Donald Trump.

Other candidates for the distinction were healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 on the front line and Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s most popular face in the face of COVID-19. Precisely this Thursday the country has exceeded 3,000 deaths in a single day to reach 292,091 deaths since the start of the pandemic.