Spain will use 30% of its European recovery funds in ecological transition

“The story of a success”. This is how the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has defined the negotiations of the European Commission so that Europe can have a vaccine. In a press conference offered at the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Institutions (REPER), he applauded the community work that has been done but also asked that there be coordination when vaccinating in all countries so that it can be shared information on this unprecedented moment in Europe.

Following the summit, the President highlighted two of the summit’s great milestones: the approval of the community budget for the next seven years (endowed with 1.8 billion euros) but also the release of the recovery fund of 750,000 euros, of which Spain has 140,000 million euros to be able to reactivate the economy. Likewise, it has committed to dedicate more than 30% of those funds to the ecological transition in Spain.

The summit also concludes with relief among the Twenty-seven, at approve, unanimously, the budget for the next 7 years. With this financial package the ill-fated community economy will be relaunched.

“The agreement will help us cope with the crisis and preserve the rule of law. Now that we have secured funding, we can carry out our actions. And that is why I am delighted that, together with the German presidency, we were able to arrive today to an agreement on the proposal of a new European climate objective “, exclaims the President of the Commission, Úrsula von der Leyen.

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Tense relations with Turkey

Regarding Turkey, the summit ends with new people on the sanctions list as Brussels announced last October, which would happen.

“It is a very relevant issue to preserve our geopolitical interests, both in the medium and long term. We needed to follow the path that was established last October,” announced the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

“The principle was set last October. The results are not there, so sanctions will be applied in the coming weeks, declared Emmanuel Macron.

Last October European leaders threatened to impose specific sanctions against senior Turkish officials involved in prospecting for hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey, for its part, accuses Greece of having provoked the sanctions and of contributing to worsening relations with Brussels. If these measures are not enough to persuade Turkey, European leaders will try to increase pressure on Ankara next March.

Germany’s leading role

The other major milestone was the agreement reached by the German Presidency on the rule of law mechanism and the role of the EU Court of Justice, which allowed Warsaw and Budapest to lift the veto on the EU budget. An achievement in which Angela Merkel played a leading role.

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