Coronavirus Why? or insomnia … the most searched on Google in 2020

Locked up and glued to the Internet, in 2020 Internet users have asked ourselves everything or almost everything about the coronavirus. Also about the American elections. But the 2020 search trends also reveal how we’re trying to resist.

Never before has the word “insomnia” been searched so much. Those who have suffered from this problem in 2020 were not alone.

In the first confinement, recipes were sought, many recipes, to make this unprecedented situation more bearable. “Bread with sourdough” has been all the rage. Perhaps as a remedy for insomnia.

The Internet giant Google today publishes its summary with the most frequent searches of this complicated 2020.

Internationally the most searched word is, without surprises, “coronavirus”, followed by “election results” and “Kobe Bryant”. The “zoom” application that has allowed many to see each other, work or play sports also stands out.

But Google reveals that what we have searched the most, ultimately, is Why?

Why is it called COVID-19?

Why is mental health important?

According to him Mountain View company statement “We are looking for ways to help each other, like how to support essential workers on the front lines of COVID-19 or how to help people affected by the bushfires in Australia or the devastation in Beirut.”

Searches also skyrocketed asking Why are people clapping? o Why is empathy important?

Searches for the Black Lives Matter movement did increase fivefold over the previous year.

This tumultuous 2020 has fueled some social awareness, according to Google, with searches on “how to be anti-racist” outperformed “how to be a billionaire” and “how to be an ally” outpaced “how to become an influencer.”

Besides the search list by country, Google post a browser with some of the trends that have caught their attention.

Google reveals that in this end of the year full of restrictions we are distracting ourselves looking for fashion news, people, “how to” different things or virtual activities.

The most searched in 2020 in Spain

In Spain, Internet users have also been massively interested in “how to make homemade bread”, in how “to make cloth masks”, in knowing “when the hairdressers open”, in knowing “when the state of alarm ends”, or why the people threw themselves en masse to buy toilet paper. And football, always football.

1) coronavirus
2) US elections
3) classroom
4) the league
5) Kobe Bryant
6) tiger
7) zoom
8) nba
9) champions
10) shark

The most searched in 2020 in Europe

Google doesn’t offer a specific summary for Europe, but browsing through searches can reveal some interesting differences. Of course, the coronavirus is among the most sought after, but if the French sought above all how to fill out the necessary document for each exit during confinement, the Germans, for example, sought how to buy shares in the firm BioNTech, a co-manufacturer of the vaccine together with Pfizer.

In Italy Diego Armando Maradona enters the # 5 of the most sought after, and the “DPCM” are especially sought, the Decrees of the Prime Minister that have set the pace of the pandemic and the confinements.

The Portuguese searched a lot about the late soap opera actor Pedro Lima and how to manage Social Security remotely.

In Germany or Belgium, searches for “tomorrow’s weather” are invariably among the first, whatever happens.

The Danes mostly sought recipes and other activities to do at home.

The most searched in 2020 in Colombia

In Colombia, much was sought in addition to everything related to the coronavirus, how to exercise while confined.

1) Coronavirus
2) United States Elections
3) Zoom
4) Google Classroom
5) Solidarity income
6) Betplay League
7) Symptoms of the coronavirus
8) Colombia vs Uruguay
9) Everton
10) Among Us

The most searched in 2020 in Mexico

In Mexico, many details were also sought about the elections in the neighboring United States. Others were trying to figure out “how to lower the brightness on my laptop.”

1) Coronavirus
2) Classroom
3) United States Elections
4) Aztec Wellness
5) Popular Google Doodles Games
6) Zoom
7) Advice on coronavirus
8) Symptoms of the coronavirus
9) Among Us
10) Champions League

The most searched in 2020 in Argentina

The Argentines wanted to know if they had the right to collect 10,000 pesos from ANSES or how to obtain a driving license. Of course Maradona, has already sneaked into the main searches of the year although only a few days ago after his death.

1) Coronavirus
2) Google Classroom
3) Remote procedures
4) United States Elections
5) Permission to circulate
6) Zoom
7) Hot Sale
8) Emergency Family Income
9) Diego Maradona
10) Mi ANSES

The most searched in 2020 in Peru

Despite the coronavirus, in Peru they were concerned about knowing which pension fund they were affiliated with or about the Universal Bond.

1) Coronavirus
2) Universal Bonus
3) I learn at home
4) Labor Pass
5) Zoom
6) Onpe
7) AFP
8) Google Classroom
9) United States Elections

10) Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

The most searched in 2020 in Chile

Chile is another country where the searches focused on bureaucratic procedures, almost more than on the virus itself.

1) Virtual police station
2) Coronavirus
3) Servel
4) United States Elections
5) Social Registry of Households
6) Middle Class Bonus
7) Emergency Family Income
8) Safe conduct
9) Classroom
10) Zoom

The most searched in 2020 in the United States

The searches in the United States were very marked by the elections and the coronavirus, but the deaths of Kobe Bryant, Naya Rivera and Chadwick Boseman also caused a lot of impact.

1) Election results
2) Coronavirus
3) Kobe Bryant
4) Coronavirus update
5) Coronavirus symptoms
6) Zoom
7) Who is winning the election
8) Naya Rivera
9) Chadwick Boseman
10) PlayStation 5