Joe Biden selects an African American as future Pentagon chief

Biden will, for the first time, place an African American in charge of the Pentagon. This is the retired general Lloyd J. Austin. He has also nominated the Latino Xavier Becerra as future Minister of Health, in charge of fighting against COVID-19. A virus for which the former mayor of New York and Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been hospitalized.

Lloyd Austin, a retired general with a long history at the Pentagon

The next president of the United States, Joe Biden has broken another invisible barrier by electing an African American as the future head of the Pentagon. This is Lloyd J. Austin, a retired general with a long career. Between 2013 and 2016, he was head of the Central Command, in charge of military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

Following his retirement from active duty, he entered the private sector. His nomination will have to be confirmed by the Senate.

Xavier Becerra, a Latino, staunch defender of Obamacare, at the head of Health

Another example of the diversity and of the priorities that Biden wants to give to his future government has been the nomination, this week, of Xavier Becerra as the first Latino who will lead the Health portfolio.

Becerra, born in the United States, but of Mexican origin, rose seats to become California Attorney General. Although, above all, it is known for its staunch defense of Obamacare and the right to universal health care.

As a minister, he will have to face the first line against COVID-19, which continues to wreak havoc in the United States, where 280,000 deaths have already been exceeded.

Rudy Giuliani, hospitalized for COVID-19

The virus continues to show that it does not forgive anyone. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and personal lawyer for Donald Trump, has been admitted to a Washington hospital, a day after it was known that he was infected.

No details about his health are known, but Trump says he is fine. “I just spoke to him, he is doing very well. He has no fever. He called me early this morning, it was the first call I received”, he assures.

Giuliani, 76, has been touring the country in recent weeks defending Donald Trump’s unproven allegations of voter fraud. On numerous occasions, has appeared without a mask at press conferences and hearings, in which he also reproached other people for protecting themselves. On November 20, Giuliani’s son tested positive and, on the same day, Trump’s eldest son also announced that he was infected.