Hotels without tourists that are filled with local clients in Madrid

It’s Christmas in Madrid, but without tourists. Hotels have had to reinvent themselves to survive … and fill their rooms with new and unexpected customers.

This hostel was one of the favorite destinations for group or solo travelers in search of a more authentic Madrid. Now it has become a space for coliving for those who need human contact in times of confinement.

“It is important to build that sense of community – Alfonso López Roldán, director of The Hat Hostel, tells us. To be accompanied, in difficult times. A hostel has all the good things of a house, but without the inconveniences of a conventional apartment. We don’t We ask for a deposit, we don’t ask for your payroll, nor do we charge six months in advance. “

José is a Mexican student. He has come to Madrid to do a master’s degree. He is one of twenty long-term guests of the host

José Ignacio Celorio, resident at The Hat:

“For me it is very good, to have the freedom to come and go whenever I want. I have the freedom to decide if I am going to stay for a year, or six months.”

Hotels are promoting daytime stays, with restaurants open to the public and rooms converted into workspaces and business meetings.

“They have changed our target objective – explains Lydia Pérez, director of marketing and public relations at Cool Room Hotels-. From clients who came from markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom or France … we suddenly find that our client is Spanish, and now at this moment, Madrid. ”

To stay active, hotels are making competitive offers. But with current mobility restrictions, it is local clients who are taking advantage of the opportunity to pamper themselves in a luxury room with great discounts, and enjoying the experience of being a tourist in their own city.

David has invited his girlfriend on a getaway … just around the corner from their house. You have taken advantage of the offers to enjoy a break after a hard year

“It’s time to do something different – says David López -. In the end, with all the restrictions, it was a good opportunity to enjoy a place like this and enjoy the weekend, and the long weekend.”

Spain has lost 80% of its foreign visitors. The industry will lose 140,000 million and 700,000 jobs will be put on hold. But the Christmas market is packed. Only local people will be able to save this Christmas.