COVID-19 vaccination begins in the UK

Immunization against the covid has started this Tuesday in the European country with the highest rate of deaths related to the Covid.

50 hospitals, including Kings College in South London, already have the 800,000 vaccines arriving in the country in cold storage boxes with 975 doses in each.

Some people in their 80s and others who were to be discharged from the hospital soon had an appointment this Tuesday for their first injection. It has also been requested that health personnel be vaccinated as soon as possible.

For him Immunology expert Peter Openshaw, it is a historic day:

“I think it is fantastic that we have gone from the appearance of the virus to the first injections in less than a year. And the amazing thing is the speed with which science can work and the speed with which regulators, politicians and funding can work together all over the world to get to this point. “

But the logistical obstacles are enormous. El profesor Gary McLeanand your team know first-hand the challenges of dealing with delicate vaccines …

The Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine has to be stored at -70 degrees Celsius, the box must be opened manually and the temperature checked. They are then ready to be inoculated.

“I am concerned that it will be difficult with this particular vaccine, but soon we will have others. I think the Government has opted for a vaccine that is ready as soon as possible, but next year we will surely move to a different vaccine format than does not require the same type of storage. “

In the first phase, the group of people who represented 99 percent of the victims in the first wave of Covid will be vaccinated. The first to receive it will be the grandparents in nursing homes and those who care for them.

It is still unknown how a vaccine that can only be transferred four times and lasts only five days at the temperature of the refrigerated container will be stored, “he tells Euronews Anna Selby, director of one of the residences for the elderly de la cadena Sunrise.

“We don’t know what it looks like in terms of distribution and its successive stages, but we hope to mobilize as quickly as possible to vaccinate our residents.”

According to regulators, the vaccine will be effective seven days after a person receives the second dose, although there is some protection 12 days after the first.

The rest of the world is watching the UK closely as it launches its vaccination program, just 314 days after the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in this country.