Confined Christmas? Some European countries consider it

Will France come out of lockdown on December 15, as planned? What is going to happen in Denmark, where the Government once again tightens the restrictions due to the worsening epidemic situation? European countries fear that if they reduce the pressure, after Christmas the continent will face a third wave of the pandemic.

France: double the number of infections expected to be released from confinement

The horizon of the pandemic is darkening in France. The reduction in COVID-19 cases, observed in recent weeks, has stalled around 10,000 daily. It is double the limit established by the Government so that France could come out of confinement on December 15.

Hospitalizations for the virus have also increased for two days. Authorities fear this will trigger a third wave just after Christmas.

“With the end of the year festivities, significant contamination could be produced within families, as observed during Thanksgiving in Canada and the United States -warned this Monday the general director of Health, Jerôme Salomon-. That is why I call for prudence, common sense and the reinforced protection of the most fragile people, our loved ones and our elderly. “

Denmark closes schools, bars, restaurants and suspends cultural life

In Denmark, the epidemic situation is also worsening again, so the Government has decided to close secondary schools, bars, restaurants and cultural life in 38 cities, including the three most important. The measures affect almost half of the population.

“If the infection rate is too high when the Christmas celebrations start, we risk losing control as the epidemic breaks out in January and February. That can’t happen“argued the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen.

Austria reopens non-essential shops

Austria is moving in the opposite direction and continues to relax confinement. Non-essential shops reopened their doors on Monday after three weeks of closure. In front of the stores, queues of customers were formed in a hurry to do their Christmas shopping.

“Complaining about financial losses is useless. Simply because losses have been accumulating since March and can no longer be compensatedlaments Thomas Koeckeritz, creative director of Steffl department store.