United Kingdom | Everything ready to start vaccinating against COVID-19

The United Kingdom accelerates preparations to start vaccinating against COVID-19 this Tuesday, while Italy has exceeded 60,000 deaths from the pandemic and the German state of Bavaria has declared the situation a catastrophe.

Queen Elizabeth II will be vaccinated soon, according to the British press

Employees at Croydon University Hospital, near London, received boxes with the first doses of Pfizer BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday. The United Kingdom will begin this Tuesday the large-scale vaccination of its population, e**Beginning with the elderly and nursing home staff, as well as everyone over the age of 80 **. According to the British press, Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and her husband will soon be vaccinated.

“The doses are stored in the freezer at 70 degrees below zero explains Louise Coughlan, Head of the Croydon Hospital Pharmacy. We carry out the final checks to vaccinate the high priority groups when the time comes. “

Italy exceeds 60,000 deaths and the sixth country with the most deaths in the world

Italy has exceeded the total number of 60,000 deaths from COVID-19, making it the sixth country with the most deaths in the world.

Ten months after the start of the pandemic, the virus continues to wreak havoc, with 564 more deaths this Sunday, although infections and hospitalizations in intensive care continue to decrease.

Bavaria declares the situation of catastrophe and tightens the confinement

However, in the German state of Bavaria this Sunday they declared the situation of catastrophe, with a tightening of confinement and restrictions.

“__The figures are too high – explained the Bavarian Prime Minister, Markur Söder-. They must go down for the health system to cope. There are already many beds in the occupied hospitals. We are developing saturation systems, which we will implement tomorrow, for example, in Nuremberg. The health system is overloaded“.

Starting next Wednesday, You can only go out on the street for “compelling reasons”, like going to work or school and in the districts with more incidence there will be curfew between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The meetings are only authorized between members of two families, understanding by family the people who live under the same roof, although that rule will be suspended between December 23 and 26.

Saint Nicholas, victim of the virus

The virus is taking its toll on celebrations as traditional in European countries as that of Saint Nicholas, which gave rise to the later Santa Claus. In the Czech Republic, children have had to settle for watching the show from the car.