COVID-19 | The United Kingdom and Portugal relax their restrictions for the most atypical Christmas

Portugal will relax its restrictions on Christmas so that citizens can travel and reunite as a family. The curfew of 23:00 hours will be extended until 2:00 in the morning and a maximum number of people will not be established in meetings within homes.

The Prime Minister, António Costa, called for responsibility and caution:

“Christmas does not grant immunity to anyone, it does not protect anyone. The celebrations are fundamental but with all the care, so that we share affection, friendship, brotherhood but not the virus. That cannot be our Christmas gift”, he said when presenting the measures, which will not be final, he assured, if the situation worsens.

Tolerance, however, will be less at the end of the year, a less symbolic date for families: unjustified movements between municipalities are prohibited, although the curfew on New Year’s Eve will also be delayed until 2:00 a.m. In addition, all parties open to the public and gatherings of more than 6 people on public roads will be prohibited.

Demonstrations in London against the COVID-19 vaccine

Christmas shoppers flooded the main streets of London the first weekend since the lockdown was lifted.

To this were joined by protesters protesting against sanitary measures and encouraging buyers not to use the mask and reject the COVID vaccine that will arrive in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks.

The country will ease restrictions between December 23 and 27 to allow family gatherings for Christmas, but these will have some limits, as agreed by the British regions.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland decided that people living under three different roofs can form a “bubble” between the aforementioned dates to celebrate the holiday period.

In those days, there will be no limit on the number of people that make up this “bubble”, with the exception of Scotland, which has placed the limit at eight, but children under 12 are not in that total.

In Northern Ireland, the period in which the measures will be relaxed is slightly longer, from 22 to 28 December.

Drones will patrol Turkish streets to ensure compliance with lockdown

For its part, Turkey is experiencing an accelerated increase in infections. This has forced the government to impose new restrictions, such as a curfew during the week and total confinement on weekends. Dozens of Drones will fly over the streets to ensure that the measures are respected.

Turkey has registered more than 30,000 new cases per day since the last week. And it accumulates more than almost 798,000 infections and 14,700 deaths.