Demonstrations in France against the security law

LViolence erupts in Paris for the second weekend in a row.

Protests took place in almost ninety French cities despite the fact that the Executive announced its intention to reform the most criticized aspects of the project.

The demonstrations were joined on this occasion with others called by the unions against the growing precariousness in employment.

There were riots and clashes with the police, burning vehicles and smashed shop windows.

The windows of a supermarket, a real estate agency and a bank were targeted by some protesters as several cars burned along Gambetta Avenue as the march headed towards the central Plaza de la Republica.

They also threw objects at policemen who responded with tear gas, in a repeat of the violent scenes of last weekend’s protests against the security law that would restrict the publication of photos of police officers.

Elsewhere, such as Lille, the protests were largely peaceful. In one of them the left-wing deputy intervenedAdrian Quatennens, of the party Insubordinate France:“This law is the shame of France, indicated internationally by the UN, by a hundred organizations for the defense of human rights. And how does Emmanuel Macron respond? With a message on Facebook and an appearance on a media channel, on a social network of which a journalist suffered police violence last week. We are here to say one thing: they must take a step back, this law must be imperatively repealed. “

This Friday the French president acknowledged the problem of police violence and institutional racism on a popular website Brut. Macron denied the accusations of authoritarian drift in France.

Emmanuel Macron assured:“I cannot let it be said that we are reducing freedoms in our country, and I cannot say that there is not a democratic debate, sometimes a little vibrant, in any case I will always be the guarantor, but today we face violence, which sometimes it is unprecedented, faced with new risks, we had to live it because of terrorism, and we must build, within the framework of our freedoms of our right, the means to respond to them. “

Lawmakers from President Macron’s ruling party said Monday they would propose a “complete rewrite” on the part of a bill that would restrict the filming of police officers, following the outrage over this beating of a black music producer in his own office by the police in Paris and the cover-up with false certificates from a forensic doctor.