A Spanish nursing home invulnerable to the pandemic

Lhe Sagrado Corazón de Campo de Criptana residence, in Spain, is a unique anticovid fortress. It has been nine months without the coronavirus penetrating its walls. The key: always stay ahead thanks to the advice of your doctors.

Row Clara Morales placeholder image Mother Superior of the residence explained to Euronews the precautions they took: “Before the Government gave the State of Alarm, gave the notice … We had already closed days before, even the visits had already been restricted to one person, but without contact with the resident months before”

According to the mother superior, the most difficult thing was to cut visits to zero. Vicente Manzaneque, a priest and one of the residents, is 92 years old. Fight loneliness by going out on your turn to talk to a neighbor through the gate: “I have the means to go out: reading, listening to music, the computer … they are instruments that make me leave my room and travel the whole world.”

The workers have also reduced their social life to the maximum. Now they enter the center as if it were a laboratory. They have divided the building into two zones. Exceptionally they let us record on the first level that they call dirty. On the other floors, they have enabled extra rooms to separate the residents.

Sara Zarco, nursing home lives the day to day of the center: “For example, on Wednesdays all the grandparents danced together, or if a movie was shown or all the grandparents were shown together, all that now suddenly changes and is done by sectors, it is done by departments so that those who live in a department can only relate to those who live in that department. “

The collaboration of the neighbors has been essential so that the residence has resisted within Castilla la Mancha, one of the most affected regions in Europe.

Santiago Lazaro, Mayor of Campo de Criptana takes stock: “Everything that has to do with materials, food, food aids as well, with all kinds of hygienic products that were very necessary at that time as well, those are the donations that he has made on the part of the Cryptan society.”

The residents and workers of this center have shown that by limiting their lives they can survive the pandemic. Spain ranks second in terms of mortality rate in the European Union in residences in those over 80 years of age, only behind Belgium. The OECD estimates that in the country there have been 7168 deaths in this area for every million inhabitants.