Parliamentary elections in Romania marked by the pandemic

Parliamentary elections in Romania, this Sunday, marked by COVID-19. The center-right ruling National Liberal Party (PNL) narrowly leads the polls after a spectacular drop in voting intention due to the wear and tear of managing the pandemic.

The NLP ruler loses steam due to the wear and tear of managing the pandemic

According to the polls, the PNL would obtain up to 28%, followed by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) with 24%, and the reformist alliance USR PLUS, with a voting intention of between 20 and 23%.

“We want to finalize the health investment program of 1,300 million euros and launch an extension of 4,600 million more destined for the health system for 2021-2027. In addition, we want to increase the spending of the national budget in the health area until the 6th % of GDP in 2024 “, declared Andrei Baciu, Secretary of State, from the Ministry of Health in Bucharest.

The pandemic conditions these elections. When the country registers a daily record of deaths from the covid, a low participation rate is expected due to fear of contracting the virus.

The Social Democrats faced with the uncertainty of their traditional electorate

“Globally, it is a recognized fact that health expenditures are growing at a rate that exceeds GDP growth. It is very important to prioritize public spending and develop a primary care system through a national network of community centers, especially in the rural areas. We also have to increase the number of UCIS in small cities, “explains Professor Alexandru Rafila, member of the WHO executive committee and candidate for the Chamber of Deputies for the opposition Social Democratic Party, which is second in intention to vote.

The reformists denounce the corruption in the public health system

It is followed in third place by the reformist alliance of the USR PLUS center, which denounces corruption and demands to improve the management of public hospitals.

“Romania never had a human resources strategy for the public health system. First of all, we are talking about corruption, nepotism, that the vast majority of specialists trained in Romania want to leave or have already left the country for the simple reason why corruption reaches hospitals. It is something inadmissible. There are no vacancies, except for those who have a plug. It is something that we must change at the root “, denounces the former Minister of Health Voiculescu, reformist candidate of the third party in Parliament .

The fear of contagion presages a very low participation

This is the second call to the polls for Romanians this year. In September, the National Liberal Party narrowly beat the Social Democratic Party in municipal elections.

The main concern in these atypical campaign elections without rallies due to the virus is abtention, after a recent spike in deaths and infections in the country, with more than 200 deaths in 24 hours. According to a survey, 55 percent of Romanians believe that the elections should have been postponed.

From Bucharest, Marie-Jeanne Ion, for Euronews