Message gifts in times of pandemic

More than ever, Spaniards are looking for gifts with meaning. COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of our lives and made many aware of the importance of our loved ones.

Víctor and Ana have a special gift for their mother Charo this Christmas. You will have the opportunity to capture your own biography in a book, adorned with photographs and stories, which have made you grow as a family.

“Especially in the moments that we are living with COVID, it’s time to remember old stories, to open the family album and see photos of our grandparents, who are no longer with us … AND you realize to remember those who have been important in your life, says Victor.

For the next several weeks, Susana will be Charo’s private biographer. He works for Memoralia, a company that claims to have revolutionized the way we think about our heritage. You will record everything you can remember in a book, which will keep your memory alive for your children and grandchildren.

“Memoralia proposes a family gift, which is circular, that encompasses the whole family. The one who gives the gift is the son to the father, but the one who enjoys the product is the grandson, although the father has enjoyed the experience”, explains Jorge Excohotado, founder of Memoralia.

COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of our lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of our lives. Many will change the typical Christmas gifts for others, loaded with meaning.

“Perhaps we have learned to value the people we love and from whom we have been far away. Logically, those people whose resources have been depleted, probably have to resort to a more testimonial and sentimental type of gift than the typical Christmas gift”, explains José Blázquez, an expert in consumer trends.

Christmas baskets and food shipments have increased. The mobility and capacity restrictions on family dinners during the holidays will keep many families apart this Christmas.

Some scallops “so that you remember me”

“Everyone has a son or a father in ERTE. And this Christmas, like many people, they will not be able to meet, because if it is true that if there is a dish that is typical, so that you remember me, I will send you the scallops, so you can eat them because we always ate them together “, says Javier Botana of Pescaderías Coruñesas.

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive. For many, receiving a Christmas chrism may be enough. The pandemic has revealed the importance of personal contact, and perhaps, this Christmas, the best gift is to be with loved ones.