The scandal that embarrasses Fidesz, Viktor Orbán’s party

József Szájer fleeing through a pipe from the LGBT party in Brussels or perched on a pipe disguised as a superhero … Memes about the biggest scandal in Hungarian politics flood social networks in the country of Viktor Orbán. His co-religionist and MEP József Szájer resigned on Sunday after being Caught red-handed in an illegal gay orgy. However, the Hungarian press, controlled by the Government, opened this Wednesday with big headlines against George Soros (Orbán’s enemy) and tiptoed, without photos or details, about Szájer’s resignation. Members of the Government spent the day dodging journalists:

“After the first morning attempts by the press, the police established a seat belt at the entrance to the Prime Minister’s offices, so that journalists could not approach members of the Government after the cabinet meeting. They then left without stop “, comments Euronews journalist Ádám Magyar.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán addressed the issue on Wednesday night. He has said that Szájer’s actions are unacceptable to his party, although he has praised his contribution over 30 years of work. The MEP, who was one of the founding members of Fidesz and one of the drafters of the new Hungarian Constitution, leaves the formation immediately.

The scandal is particularly important for the Hungarian LGBT community, who have suffered constant dialectical attacks by Fidezs, promoter of policies that curtailed their rights.

“There are different types of people in Fidesz and among its voters. You cannot draw strict lines, you cannot exclude people because their sex life or sexual orientation is different from that of the majority. We hope that the Government will give realize that we are all an integral part of society and hatred cannot be spread against anyone, “explains Tamás Dombos, a member of an LGBT organization.

Szájer’s departure is very bad news for the government, as the Hungarian prime minister loses one of his top advisers when it comes to European Union policy.

“Everything points in one direction. Fidesz’s political defense capacity has diminished, which is a negative outcome for Hungary,” says political analyst Patrik Szicherle.

The scandal of the gay orgy in Brussels, in which several diplomats were also arrested, comes at a very difficult time for the Hungarian government, which is facing almost alone the rest of the EU partners. Hungary and Poland maintain their veto on the EU’s multi-annual budget and on the EU economic reconstruction plan after the pandemic because the distribution of these funds is linked to respect for the rule of law.