The mysterious metal tower in the Utah desert was dismantled and transported by wheelbarrow

Part of the mystery of the mysterious is revealed stainless steel “monolith” appeared in the Red Desert of Utah and disappeared a few days later. We still do not know for sure how it appeared, but we do know how it disappeared.

Photographer Ross Bernards, who was visiting the area last Friday with three friends, was present when a group of four people took him away. Bernards has posted a detailed account on his Instagram account.

“You better have your pictures,” they told him, before giving him a big push. The individuals had premeditated the action because they brought tools and everything necessary to dismantle the tower. “That’s why you don’t have to leave garbage in the desert,” said another member of the group.

In a few minutes they knocked down the piece, disassembled it and took it away in a wheelbarrow saying “leave no trace”, a classic phrase of the defenders of nature.

Bernards himself assures that they did the right thing to dismantle it and take it away, in view of the dozens of vehicles and onlookers who approached the area without following the trails and destroying the delicate desert ecosystem.

Shortly after, a video with images similar to those published by the photographer was published on the YouTube account of the well-known adventurer Andy Lewis entitled “We have removed the monolith of Utah” adding that they would not include more information for the moment. He also posted it on his Facebook page.

Although everything indicates that they have acted out of ecological conscience, they could have disassembled a valuable work of art by the late John McCracken. It was the clearest clue about the possible origin of the object found by chance by federal agents in the middle of last month.

Although the Utah spatial planning authorities did not reveal where he was, netizens were on a race to find out and within days the area was full of tourists.

Appearance and disappearance of a monolith in Romania

And the fashion for the mysterious monolith has reached Romania where a similar object has also been found that has appeared and disappeared, leaving a trail of comments on social networks and a few articles in the international press.

The Romanian version was less lustrous than the Utah version, with the surface full of spiral markings.

The objects are reminiscent of the monolith from the movie ‘2001: a space odyssey’ by Stanley Kubrick and the followers of the film and the conspiracy theories – undoubtedly with a little more time due to the confinements by COVID-19 they have hesitated to launch the most bizarre theories about the object’s provenance and its disappearances.

By the way, according to the Spanish definition and the Greek origin of the word (mono, one lithos, stone), it is not a monolith because it is not made of stone (and it is not made of a single piece either). English does support the use of the word “monolith” for a large structure.