Live and work far from the city

Having a good Internet connection was essential to leave the big city. After 40 years of urban life and a COVID-19 pandemic … Giacomo Biraghi left behind the few square meters that housed his life and took a real turnaround by moving to San Simone, a mountainous village two hours from Milan, in the living five souls. This vacation home became his primary address.

Goodbye city, hello mountains!

“Leaving the city for someone who lived an urban model for so long requires reinventing life in a non-urban way. Those who successfully manage to leave the city are those who can maintain their usual way of life in a non-urban context,” explains Giacomo Biraghi, innovation manager.

Giacomo left Milan after the first confinement … a considered decision in search of well-being.

Reinvent yourself thanks to the miracle of teleworking

“If freedom in the city is under threat, global and connected existence must be reinvented elsewhere,” says Giacomo.

Since September, more and more people turn to the local council to find out about the possibility of moving here permanently.

“San Simone is part of the Valleve municipality where 130 residents are registered. This and another neighboring village are the most requested. But what does this sudden demand represent for this small municipality?”

Recover after the loss of tourism by the covid

Reducing distances with the big city has advantages for the local economy and that it achieves an alternative source of income, after the severe blow that tourism received by the covid.

“We receive one or two inquiries a day, which is a lot for our little town. We try to attend to all requests and be up-to-date in Wi-Fi technology, which is what allows these people to continue working for companies in the city,” explains Gianfranco Lazzarini, mayor of Valleve.

The emptied Italy thanks these arrivals

The arrival of these new residents enriches in every way this community that was left deserted outside of the high season.

Knowing how to wait … when time is precious, also far from the city

“The mountain areas have lost a lot of population over the years. We need more families who have babies and people who can work from here even if they are far from their offices. Here time seems to pass slowly, but it is not less for that. valuable. We don’t get everything right away, but we can wait and that’s not so bad, “says Astrid Pedretti, a young entrepreneur.

Teleworking … until when?

Being able to work from home prompted Giacomo’s decision. But, for how long will that option be available that allows many others to get away from the big city?