The kings of the White House | Two centuries of presidential pets

With Joe Biden, the United States is going to recover a historical tradition, that of pets in the White House. All the leaders of the last two centuries, except Donald Trump, have had one or more pets in the presidential mansion. Some, very diverse.

Champ and Major, Biden’s two German Shepherds

The next president of the United States, Joe Biden, is devoted to his two German Shepherds, who even have their own account on social networks. Champ has been in the family for twelve years. As for Major, the youngest and most mischievous, they rescued him from an animal shelter. It was playing with the latter that the Democrat broke his foot last weekend.

Presidential pets, much more important than they seem

In the image of the family Obama, with Bob y Sunny, his two Portuguese water dogs, all the American leaders of the last two hundred years, except Donald Trump, have had one or more pets in the White House.

For Tom Whalen, an expert on the history of American presidents, it is a much bigger question than it seems.

It’s like showing that it’s one of us. Almost everyone has pets, a dog, a cat or whatever, and when a president, the leader of the country, the leader of the free world, shows up with a dog or a cat, basically create a bond with people, Explain.

The partner who understands you when everything goes wrong

There have been a multitude of presidential cats and dogs, from Socks, the pussycat of undisputed charm from Bill Clinton to Barney y Miss Beazley, the Scottish terriers of the Bush marriage. Faithful friends of the leaders in the most difficult moments.

“From a presidential perspective, a dog, a cat or a horse, they are great, because they do not judge. They are going to give you their unconditional love and they are not going to criticize what you did in Somalia or how the economy is doing. Pets are always there when you need them. And I think presidents, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, need that kind of reassurance from time to time. “, explica Whalen.

In the White House there were animals much more exotic and difficult to invite to the Oval Office, such as Thomas Jefferson’s bear cubs, Roosevelt’s servants or Andrew Jackson’s swearing parrot.

In any case, through these mascots, American presidents have often shown their kindest faces.