Most UK universities are involved in a scheme to reduce the risk of contagion

Mass screening for British students coming home for Christmas.

A trip that this year has started very early.

“I was a little worried just before I came back for Christmas, especially about my grandmother, my grandfather, for everything “says a student at the University of East London.

These are quick tests that are carried out on campus.

“Much more relieved, knowing that I come from a university, and that I can take the test before returning “points out a young man.

“I am an international student, I need a negative test before flying back home, **I feel much better “**, says a girl.

The hastily drawn plan foresees two tests for students, staggered over the next week, before all classes go virtual from December 9.

“We have had very little time to transform all these magnificent facilities of the **sports hall in this lab in a week, “** explains Clinical Director, Sally Cutter.

Lateral flow tests are used that offer results in half an hour although they are less effective in detecting all cases.

“You don’t need a lot of high-tech equipment, a facility like this is ideal for the detection of people who have a high viral load and who really represent a threat to other people, so the risk is minimized “, añade Cutter.

Tadhg Enright, euronews:

Not all participate, although most universities do, like this one in East London with student volunteers to take the tests and process the results.

They are students with laboratory experience, although not all of them as denounced by the union of higher education, Union of Universities and Colleges (UCU).

“If you are not prepared enough, and take the samples, you are likely to get a misleading result, this worries us because students may leave campus with a sense of false confidence “, says its general secretary, Jo Grady.

A plan with many questions.

“Most of the students do not have a car. There is a high probability that they will go to **home on crowded public transportation and can catch the virus at that time, “** concludes Grady.

The fact is that the plan is underway.

After the summer, many students had to return to face-to-face classes, despite the dangers

After Christmas, and until mass vaccination arrives, many wonder if they should not continue with virtual classes.