Suits, aluminum and pharmaceutical products, among the European goods most exported by the US.

A tailored suit, ordered through the internet, may seem like a contradiction, but for the Italian company Lanieri it is the key to success to stay afloat. Customers can customize their order after taking their measurements themselves with a tailor who guides them to the other side of the screen. A way of buying that continues to add followers, especially in the United States.

“We do not have physical stores in the United States but we work with many YouTubers who show how easy and fun it is to measure yourself without leaving home and that the suit arrives the following month”, says Claudio Vernarelli, salesperson for the Lanieri store in Brussels.

Lanieri has more than a thousand clients abroad. What makes the temporary closure of non-essential businesses in Brussels does not affect it like other establishments. “Our model is very important because it reaches the whole world, we do not have national limits. We speak of a global market. Even if our stores are in Europe and we were born in Italy, our fourth market is the US,” he adds.

Despite the recession and the recent tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on European products, European exports to the United States have not stopped increasing in the last ten years. In 2019, they have reached a value of 384,000 million euros. While imports to the Old Continent are estimated at 232 billion euros. As Lucio Miranda, director of the “Export USA” association, explains, during the March lockdown, European exports increased in some specific sectors.

“In the last 18 months, the export of pharmaceutical products has done very well, and in general everything related to health and well-being. Aluminum, steel, the automobile industry have also been highly sought after. However, not It can be denied that there was a setback due to the increase in tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, “he says.

Among the most exported European products are industrial machines. A market that could grow even more considering President-elect Joe Biden’s plans to invest in American infrastructure and redevelop bridges, airports and highways. “The figures that have been discussed range between $ 2 billion and even $ 5 billion over a period of four to ten years. What is certain is that such a massive investment program cannot be carried out just for American companies, “says Miranda.

Whether it is heavy machinery or fashion, the outlook for European exports looks positive. The Lanieri company, for its part, continues to invest in tradition and technology.