Confinement dooms multiple types of businesses in France to ruin

An intermission that never ends. This is how circus performers feel about confinement caused by the coronavirus. After almost six months of restrictions, the show has been put on hold and the circuses cannot open their doors in France. This is likely to last a few more weeks, with cinemas and theaters set to reopen from mid-December. Frustrated at not being able to perform, some artists photographed themselves nude to show their discontent. They find it difficult to be considered as “nonessential”.

“We need art because it nourishes our hearts. It makes us happy so, of course, it is something very important. In my case, I do not consider that it is something that should be classified as non-essential”, declares Yana Klishch, circus artist “Imagine ‘.

Meanwhile, some artists, coming from Russia, Ukraine or Argentina, do not give up to continue training and improve their numbers.

“We cannot be on vacation for months. We have to be ready to perform so training is very important. We put all our energy in but it is frustrating not knowing when we will perform again,” says Anastasiya Massot, co-director of the circus ‘Imagine’ .

The circus director is also here to watch over your spirits. In the meantime, you have no choice but to cut expenses to avoid bankruptcy.

“We resort to part-time unemployment. The artists have compensation from the public system and we have taken a loan guaranteed by the State so as not to touch our treasury and to endure financially until we return to act,” says David Massot, director of the circus ‘Imagine’.

“Since this past weekend, ‘non-essential’ shops can open in France, on condition of respecting strict sanitary regulations. But the same is not the case with some 200,000 bars, cafes and restaurants, or with gyms. losing a good part of their income, the situation worsens and is dramatic for many establishments, “says Guillaume Petit, a Euronews collaborator in Lyon.

Emptiness also reigns in Stéphane’s gym and dance center. He had to close it at the end of September just when customers usually decide whether to sign up or not. At the moment he has no income and he teaches online but it is more to maintain the relationship with his clients than to try to make money. State compensation does not cover your losses. He cannot rent an apartment and he lives in a kind of room, in his gym.

“For almost 10 months, I have been paying a rent every month that costs more than 2,000 euros and I have only worked for a month and a half. It is very complicated for me. I have tried to contact the real estate agency to negotiate, with the owner , the rent. But I have no answer and communication seems impossible, “says Stéphane Vittorelli, dancer and physical trainer.

According to the unions, around 20% of the gyms could close after the second lockdown. For the smallest and most isolated rooms, disappearance can be very close.