Police brutality in France: a video shows a beating of a man

France is shocked and shocked by a video showing three policemen beating a man. During five minutes of footage, officers repeatedly beat a music producer at the door of a recording studio with their hands and with batons. The scandal occurs when the French government tries to pass a law that tries to restrict the dissemination of images of police interventions.

The video, captured by a security camera, has been viewed by millions of people on social media. The result is that the agents involved have been suspended. As the producer explains, these images were his only evidence in front of the police, who accused him of having resisted.

“Without this video you would be publishing that a young man attacked several policemen”

“Without that video I would not be in front of you today. Without that video you would be publishing the same story, but with a totally different headline: a young man attacked policemen, tried to seize their weapon, beat them and other things that I have heard “says Michel Zecler.

According to Zecler, the police followed him to the study for not wearing a mask. He assures that, during the attack, they used racist insults against him such as ‘dirty black’.

Several people, who were on the ground floor of the recording studio, came to his aid when they heard the voices. The policemen then left the premises, although they then re-entered, forcing the door and throwing a tear grenade.

The producer was detained for 48 hours, accused of outrage, rebellion and having wanted to seize the agents’ weapons.

The video that turned the tables: the Interior Minister asks for justice

After the video was broadcast, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, reacted immediately. He himself requested the suspension of the agents. All charges against the producer have also been dropped.

In prime time on television, Darmanin has accused the police officers involved of “dirtying the uniform”.

“I would like to say to the policemen and gendarmes that I support them unfailingly, but the counterpart to that support is the demand, as Minister of the Interior, of absolute respect for the law and deontology. When there are people who screw up, they must give up their uniform, they must leave work and they must be punished by justice “, Darmanin stated.

The controversial Security Law, in check

This scandal occurs precisely when the Government of Emmanuel Macron is promoting a controversial Global Security Law with which it intends to prevent that images are disseminated in which the faces of the police officers can be recognized during their interventions.

The executive says it is to protect the agents from possible threats and attacks. However, for its detractors, it is a ‘liberticide’ law, which violates the right to inform.

This same week, there was another case in France denounced as an example of police brutality, when the forces of order forcefully expelled hundreds of migrants camped in a square in Paris.