Hungary to veto adoption of homosexuals

Andrew is 4 years old and was adopted two ago by Márton and Ádám, they are a Hungarian homoparental family. Now they fear that they will not be able to adopt another child, as was their intention.

“It is a recurring theme in the street and on TV, they are talking about it all the time, that if we are not a good family, that we do not deserve to be happy being what we are now” .- Márton tells us.

The amendment to the Constitution presented by the Minister of Justice makes it difficult for same-sex couples to adopt children. Presented on the night of the declaration of the state of emergency, with the argument of protecting the physical and mental development of minors, the amendment establishes that “the mother is a woman and the father a man”, and that the adopters will preferably be married couples. .

Gergely Gulyás is the Minister of the Presidency of Hungary, and thus defended the constitutional amendment:

“In general, the physical and mental development of a child is favored by the fact that he has a mother and a father, but there may be exceptional cases. I believe that it is a reasonable regulation in the best interest of the child.”

Márton and Ádám feel as if they live in a parallel reality, they say that they have not felt any rejection in their environment.

“Friends, neighbors, family, even in our country house, our neighbors accept us and everyone knows our reality, … they have never given it much importance” .- Márton tells us.

According to the LGTB association, the Hungarian Government is discriminating through the abolition of the Agency for Equal Treatment and the modification of the Adoption Law and the Constitution.

Tamás Dombos is a member of the association:

“Exactly what this means in practice is not fully understood, but when read in conjunction with the adoption proposal, it is about people of the same sex not being able to adopt in Hungary under any circumstances.”

Under the amendment, if someone wants to adopt as a single, the minister of family affairs “can” help determine their suitability. ”

Katalin Novák, current minister without portfolio of family affairs, declared on Facebook that the objective of the planned modifications is that all children can grow up in a family, and protect the interests of children. with the planned modifications.

“A child,” he says, “should have the right to grow up as a boy and a girl to grow up as a girl in Hungary. Today, this has become necessary.”

As this issue concerns fundamental rights, it is necessary to amend the constitution which requires the vote of two thirds of Parliament and the government parties have the constitutional majority to do so as they have shown in the last ten years.