COVID-19 threatens Christmas in Europe

COVID-19 has become The Grinch that threatens to steal Christmas from Europeans. Germany has already announced that it will maintain the current restrictions during all the holidays, with very few exceptions, and until the beginning of January, when they expect the saving vaccine to be available.

Chancellor Angela Merkel negotiated this Wednesday, for seven hours, with the heads of the federated states, before announcing that nothing will change. “We agree that due to the high level of infections, the restrictions must be maintained”, ad.

This decision comes after Germany has recorded the highest death toll since the start of the pandemic, 410 in 24 hours.

Consequently, the country will keep bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and museums closed throughout Christmas. The shops will operate with limited capacity.

Closed ski resorts

Another consequence is that both in Germany, as in France and Italy, the ski resorts will remain closed. The fear is that holidays in the snow serve as a priority route for the spread of the virus, as it already happened last winter. Only Austria plans to reopen its tracks.

Italy registers 722 deaths in 24 hours and France, more than 16,000 infections

And it is that the European leaders do not have the mood for parties. Italy added 722 deaths in the last day, one of the worst data since the beginning of March.

In France, those that rise again are infections, more than 16,000 in 24 hours, despite the fact that the country has been confined for a month. This Saturday non-essential shops will open again such as hairdressers and clothing stores, but bars, restaurants and nightclubs will remain closed until the end of January. The businessmen of the sector cry out against what they consider an injustice.

“We are the first economic victims of the COVID crisis -said the owner of a cafe-, because we are always the last to reopen. But at the same time, the important thing is to stay positive. ”

Austria wants to test the entire population

Austria is going to start a massive test campaign covering the entire population of the country. The objective, to be able to relax the restrictions during Christmas. A Christmas towards which Europe advances with fear, fear of the economic catastrophe of a business closure at this crucial time, and fear that the reopening will worsen the pandemic figures.