A mysterious metal tower like the one from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ appears in the Utah desert

The occupants of a helicopter discovered a mysterious object during a mission in a remote area of ​​the Utah desert in the United States.

Officers with the state Department of Public Safety and Wildlife Conservation found the elongated metal object in Utah’s Red Desert on Nov. 18 while on a mission to count sheep.

They landed near this mysterious object to investigate.

The height of this object, which is made of stainless steel, is reported to be about twice the height of an ordinary human.

Officials with the Utah Department of Public Safety and Wildlife Conservation found no clues as to who or what transported the object to Utah’s Red Desert.

The discovery of this mysterious object reminds many moviegoers of scenes from the science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey” by the famous American director Stanley Kubrick.

The film repeatedly insists on a mysterious black monolith that resembles the discovered object.

However, Nick Street, a Utah Public Safety official, said the object did not come from another world, even though it appeared in such a remote area of ​​the Red Desert that it could look like another planet.

“I’ve heard everything. Did this fall from the sky? You know, was it implanted there? Is it from another world? Without looking closely at it and seeing that there are, indeed, human-made rivets that put this thing together, but you could definitely let it fly. your imagination “Street commented to the press.

Utah officials believe that building this tall steel object and moving it to a remote part of the state desert took a lot of planning and energy to be the work of a three-to-quarter prankster.

According to them, the place where the object appeared is so remote that its geographical coordinates will not be announced to avoid the presence of onlookers in the desert. Utah officials are concerned that adventurers will get lost trying to find the object in the desert and eventually have to be rescued.

If it is a work of art, it is illegal, because the land belongs to the federal government of the United States, and it is prohibited to use them, even in an artistic way, without obtaining a license. “Obviously we don’t want people to go out digging our Red Rock on public land and place stainless steel objects, we take very seriously when things are defaced or, you know, painted on our public land” said Agent Nick Street.

It is also not known precisely how long it has been planted there. It could be 40 or 50 years, or just a few years. Hard to say, with a material that degrades so little over time.

The U.S. Land Administration says it is investigating the discovery of the object and its builder or builders. The agency will decide whether to keep the object at its current location in Utah’s Red Desert depending on studies of its impact on the environment.