COVID-19 deaths skyrocket in Europe | France and Italy exceed 50,000 deaths

As more hopeful news reaches Europeans, for the first time in a long time, the count of deaths from coronavirus clouds the day this Tuesday. Italy and France exceed the threshold of 50,000 deaths, and in the United Kingdom and Spain they report unprecedented figures or almost equal to those registered in the worst moments of the first wave of the pandemic.

A total of 853 deaths in Italy, 608 in the United Kingdom, 537 in Spain and 458 in France. The graphics of the disease, with its acute spikes of infections and deaths, are observed with special concern about the imminence of the start of de-escalation plans that some governments presented this week in the face of the holidays. With figures on a smaller scale, the deaths from coronavirus have reached record figures also in countries such as Russia, Austria, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

LEE: Spain also reaches the maximum daily number of deaths while preparing its vaccination operation against COVID-19

France ends its confinement on December 15

France announced its de-escalation plan that will end the second lockdown imposed since October. This Saturday, November 28, shops will open again. As of December 15, the country will return to the night curfew without confinement, which will allow family gatherings during the holidays of the 24th and 31st. In his speech on Tuesday, President Emmanuel Macron did not limit the number of people in said occasions, but he did specify that crowds in public spaces are prohibited.

By January 20, if the parameters of the pandemic continue to decline, the reopening of restaurants, bars and gyms will be allowed. As well as the normalization of attendance in high schools and universities.

Macron multiplied calls for caution during Christmas to “avoid a third wave and a third lockdown.” For this reason, he insisted that social distance and hygiene be maintained, spaces are ventilated, a mask is used and useless outings and mass gatherings, including family ones, be avoided.

France, the fourth country in the world with the most cases, with 2.15 million infections. It also exceeds 50,000 deaths from the pandemic, which makes it the seventh country with the most fatalities from the pathogen.

United Kingdom eases quarantine for its travelers

In the United Kingdom, the quarantine upon arrival in the territory is reduced from 14 to 5 days. Only if a negative PCR test is presented, a measure that will take effect on December 15.

But the situation in the European country is no more flattering, which has registered 608 deaths from COVID this Tuesday, the highest since mid-May.

LEE: The United Kingdom will not be confined again but the system of selective restrictions returns

In total, in the United Kingdom, official figures reflect 55,838 deaths from coronavirus since the pandemic began. And there are already three with the United Kingdom the European countries that exceed that figure of 50,000 deaths.

This peak in deaths comes 19 days after the Government imposed a lockdown across England that is scheduled to end on December 2. But almost all European countries are registering high mortality figures despite having established the toughest of measures in this second wave of the pandemic, the one registered after the summer.

Sweden enters the second wave

In Sweden the restrictions have been tightened. Gatherings of more than eight people are prohibited from December, although restaurants and businesses will remain open. Since last week, Sweden ordered the closure of its hotels and nightclubs at 10 p.m.

Italy relives its worst moments of the pandemic

The situation is especially alarming in terms of deaths in Italy, because the figure registered today, of 853 deaths, had not occurred since the end of March, at the worst moments of the pandemic last spring.