Spain will have a complete plan to start vaccinating next January against COVID-19

Spain will be, together with Germany, the only country in the European Union to have a complete plan to start vaccinating its population from January 2021, according to the President of the Spanish Government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, said on Sunday.

Sánchez appeared before the media at the end of the virtual meeting of the G20 and advanced some points of the Spanish vaccination plan that will be approved by the Council of Ministers next Tuesday.

The European Union has already signed contracts with the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Janssen and BioNTech / Pfizer for one billion expandable doses; Signing with CureVac is imminent and negotiations with Moderna for another 400 million additional vaccines are well advanced.

Spain, Sánchez explained, will be entitled to 10 percent of those doses that the European Union may make available to member countries.

According to what was indicated by the head of the Spanish Executive, the vaccination plan will have five key points, the first of which is that Spain will have 13,000 vaccination points.

The health system is ready

“Every year in Spain ten million people are vaccinated for influenza. For this reason, it is considered that the National Health System is prepared to achieve this objective. An example: this year, in eight weeks, fourteen million have been vaccinated of people, “he said.

Sánchez assured that it will also be guaranteed that all prioritized groups have access to the vaccine and for this, as a third point, a single vaccination strategy will be agreed, which will be developed by a group of multidisciplinary experts.

Pedro Sánchez also advanced that work is being done to ensure that logistics “guarantee the necessary temperature” for the preservation of the vaccine, stipulated at 70 degrees below zero.

According to official figures, the total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain now amounts to 1,556,730 and 42,619 deaths.

The latest data offered yesterday by the Spanish Ministry of Health indicated 15,156 new cases of covid and 328 deaths, although the transmission of the virus had decreased for the eleventh consecutive day and the cumulative incidence stood at 419 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

However, Sánchez announced that the cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases is below 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, a figure that will be released tomorrow and that demonstrates the effectiveness of the state of alarm in force.