Spain requires from today a negative PCR of less than 72 hours to travelers

Spain demands from this Monday a negative PCR of coronavirus to passengers who enter the country by air or sea from countries at risk for coronavirus, which will have to be carried out 72 hours before your arrival.

Third countries considered at risk are those that have a cumulative incidence in the last fourteen days of more than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 65 currently. 28 from the European Union and the United Kingdom; and 37 non-EU, although the list will be updated every fifteen days.

The measures that come into force today are in addition to the controls that are currently carried out on all international passengers at the entry points, such as temperature, visual and documentary, according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Health.

From this Monday, passengers arriving at the airports have to go to the control windows, in which there are some signs with the legend “foreing health authority” and where members of Foreign Health will be in charge of receiving the PCR that they bring.

If travelers do not carry the PCR with them, so they can be penalized, they will have to take the antigen test in authorized areas of the airports themselves, where they will obtain the result of the test within approximately one hour.

If the passenger tests negative, they can continue their trip normally, and if they test positive, the established health alert protocols will be activated, to refer them to a health center.

Passengers who show negative PCR may leave the airport unless the other controls detect any symptoms or suspicion of COVID-19, in which case they will have to undergo a rapid antigen test at the same airports.

Travel agencies, tour operators and air or maritime transport companies and any other agent that sells tickets must inform passengers of the need to take the test and that it is negative.

The latest data offered on Friday by the Spanish Ministry of Health indicated 15,156 new cases of COVID-19 and 328 deaths, although the transmission of the virus had decreased for the eleventh consecutive day and the cumulative incidence stood at 419 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days.

Since the start of the pandemic, Spain has registered 1,556,730 cases of coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic tests and 42,619 deaths.